25 thoughts on “Xavi VS. Arsenal – Beautifully Simple by ElAlonso

  1. 1.Xavi
    off all time
    and now .1.Inesta

  2. Look at the Arsenal defenders. Why pressure him? Pressure Xavi and you leave space at the back for Barca Full Backs and midfielders to creep in, and Xavi will either do a Pelopina (the spin he does) or play a safe pass into possession. Might as well let Barca do what they want, cause there is no way to stop him. Look at his stature. He is so small, yet his footballing brain is incredibly massive. He plays the game as if he knew where everyone was at the right time. The best Central Midfielder.

  3. So simple yet so beautiful with Xavi. Even with Fabregas pressuring him he still makes a pass. The Best Central Midfielder Ever.

  4. @nvssudheer .lol you are fucking retarded.you obv odnt know sit about scholes or football for that matter.what makes him great?the brilliance he has been doing for 15+ years .ignorant shit.

  5. @mafls001 Why doesn’t he, Xavi is the best midfielder in the world hands down, it’s alot to ask for a 19 year old to be as good as him now, he’s the same size, same stature, 11 years younger, he definately has the ability.

  6. “In the last 15 to 20 years the best central midfielder that I have seen – the most complete – is Scholes” – Xavi Hernandez

  7. @mafls001 stfu. he’s biggest talent since paul scholes. he played remarkably well for a 19yr old against barca. been one of arsenals best players this year aswell. hahaha jokes on you

  8. Wilshere? HAHAHA y is everyone jumping on wilshere wanking band wagon if any1 here has any idea about football then they would see wilshere doesnt have a touch on xavi.

  9. @makedatchedder are you fucking serious? he’s the only one with that ability and skills man

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