25 thoughts on “Man Utd vs Arsenal 2-1 All the goals

  1. All man u supporters u support the best team…………..NOT. GO GUNNERS, FUCK Gays united.

  2. united beating arsenal isnt a shocker is it now!! ON BEHALF OF ALL THE FUCKED UP ARSENAL SUPPORTERS…IT ISNT FAGGOTS!

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  4. why didnt they jump?… well hell yeah they didnt jump cuz they thought ronaldo was gonna let loose on it lool underestimating hagreaves.

  5. juz luv dat punch by RIO FERDINAND aftr hargreaves’ goal..!! juz luv it..!! juz luv MANCHESTER UNITED FOR LIFE..!!!

  6. Andy Gray is a great commentator. I’ll miss him. Neville as his replacement??? Give me a break.

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