1. @iownu2k7 i go to the Emirates at least twice a month thanks

    and its funny how man city fan only have a voice when they spend 300m on a squad

    at least arsenal don’t spend millions on players and never play them..

  2. @iownu2k7 Anyone that wants to laugh at this moron look at his channel. It really showcases how stupid he is. And i have no idea who you support but i will assume its Chelsea or Spurs. In either case we have spent many, many years sitting miles above you in the table. So i cant blame you for taking the one chance to gloat before we dominate you for 15 years again. Have a nice day.

  3. @rfghy100 urmmmm i never was. so funny listening to the arsenal fans having mental breakdowns earlier in the season. just to clarify do you fickle lot want arsene in or out for this week?

    oh and btw you could hear a in drop in the emirates. not that you’d know as you’ve never been.

    question for arsenal fans; does it strain your neck looking up to us in the league table all the time?

  4. that’s right jack. continue to bullshit the gullible north londoners. you know the day is inevitable, when the mighty city ring up your agent asking for your signature. you are waiting for that day, stringing ars82nal along. good work, jack.

    looking forward to seeing you play in the light blue strip next season.

    also a massive thanks to ar43nal for developing jack, and becoming our feeder club.

    much love, league leaders.


  5. @goonisapoop Don’t worry its only a city/spurs/barca/real//utd/chelski fan thats dissapointed that they won’t be able to get there hands on Englands future captain 😉 haha ATID!

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