15 thoughts on “Wenger on Brek

  1. Brek Shea isn’t getting anywhere near Arsenal’s first team. He would be very lucky to even make the Reserves squad.

  2. @sgvargas15 @LostFaceify Shea has played as a defender (usually filling in for injuries) and it’s certainly not out of the question that he could change positions to LB or CB in the future. But the interviewer referred to him as a defender, implying that’s his normal status. It’s not. He’s a left´╗┐ midfielder. That’s where he usually plays for Dallas and the USMNT.

  3. @noahjohnpinto Shea’s similar to gareth bale.. started out as an attacking full back, but is commonly pushed forward as an attacking midfielder/winger. Given arsenal’s style of football and the freedom they give their defenders, I would consider him more of a defender.

  4. welp wengers scouting network has finnally failed him. they think brek shea is afucking defender.

  5. He’s ok, seriously! I’m a USA fan but he’s ok… not arsenal material at all. I wouldn’t mind seeing him play in another mid table or lower EPL club like everton or something. He officially plays as a CB, he drifts to the wing when deployed in the midfield. He is talented but so our many european players, Bendtner was actually talented but look at him now. Arsene Wenger isn’t going to buy him or be interested in him. You can tell the whole training session for Arsenal was Klinsmanns idea.

  6. @josieprogramme i can’t see how it would benefit them to give him some free training lessons. they must give him a slight look.

  7. @noahjohnpinto he can play in defense as well. Ive seen him some mls games, hopefully he can flourish and join the gunners. He has potential to be an immense winger. – Gooner

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