Arsene Wenger insisted in saying that it is vital for him and the club to secure a spot in the top 4 spots of the Premier League as the French coach went on stating that the Champions League is a top tier competition that just about any club wants to compete in.

“It’s vital to me to do it qualify for the Champions League. I want this club to play in the top level competition. For that you want to be in the Champions League. What will be an advantage is our desire to play in this competition because we love the Champions League and just to imagine how much we love it will help us to achieve it. I would like them rather to concentrate on the pleasure to be in it than worry about not qualifying’’.

Arsenal’s schedule in this season has seen them facing off against some of the biggest clubs in England on successive weeks and it’s a factor that according to Wenger has affected him as well as his players. They are still favourites on the Sports Betting markets to make the top 4 though.

“To deal with that is very difficult. When you have a succession of big games one after the other, if you lose the first one you are always in trouble. I believe that they have difficult games, and we have difficult games. We want to focus now on what we know we can do. We have a more complete squad and we want to win our games, no matter what Everton does. We want to finish in a strong way.”

Arsenal has had to face off against Everton, Napoli, Manchester City and Chelsea on consecutive weeks as well as having to cope with the elimination from the Champions League after Bayern Munich defeated them; it certainly wasn’t a positive result for the morale of the squad.

If Wenger can manage on securing the FA Cup in this season, it still will be a fairly good season for Arsenal as they are going through a trophy drought that has seen them being unable on getting any silverware for the past 8 years.