This Premier League season has seen Arsenal being at the top of the standings for a significant time as they started off strong the campaign and early into the season they showed signs of turning themselves into genuine candidates on winning the league but as the season and weeks progressed on, Arsene Wenger and his players started slipping and falling down a few spots at the top of the English league.

It has now reached a point where it remains unclear if Arsenal is going to be able to secure a top 4 spot after suffering a 3-0 loss against Everton. This Premier League campaign is intense and extremely competitive with 3 clubs battling it out to see who will be crowned as the champions.

Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City all have chances of winning the league in this season as the distance between each other is just a few points but the 4th spot is also being tightly contested with Arsenal and Everton both hoping they can snatch the Champions League qualifying spot.

With the Premier League reaching its last stages of the season, some clubs are giving it their all in order to finish the campaign on a high note but Arsenal on the other hand are struggling to find victories.

The latest victory that Wenger managed to secure with Arsenal was in March 16 when they overcome Tottenham with a scoreboard of 1-0 and ever since then they have been suffering losses against Chelsea and Everton as well as having to settle with a number of draws.

If Everton manages on winning the remaining matches of the Premier League then they will be able to push Arsenal out of the Champions League qualifying spot which is going to be disappointing news for a club that has now managed on securing a major piece of silverware in over 8 years.