25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Our Time Will Come

  1. The song is called Amsterdam, which is also where Bergkamp is from. COYG

  2. anyones freinds supporting arsenal or even you then follow me please

  3. Arsene falling ahaahhahahaha good vid though! This is Arsenal’s season!

  4. I think jenkinson should play more in the right back position more

  5. And we beat spurs and lost to bradford, There the same fucking quality
    level. ffs

  6. arsenal could be the best team in england if they spent more money !!

  7. Do you idiot’s who ask’s what the song name is even read the description
    where it clearly says “song is: imagine Dragons – Amsterdam, or are you
    just saying that to piss us off?

  8. Great video #agoonerforlife and our time will come sooner than we know it
    with the club and our friend wengers hands Bless.

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