Arsene Wenger has once again confirmed that he will be prepared to spend big money

Arsene Wenger has once again confirmed that he will be prepared to spend big money on a player should there be a necessity.

Arsenal have been linked with a number of forwards during the summer, but they have failed to make any major significance signings so far. There is growing concern amongst Arsenal fans with the season upon them. Arsenal were thought to be very close to securing Jamie Vardy for around £ 20 million from champions Leicester City. However, Vardy chose to stay at Leicester by signing a new four-year contract. Following this major blow, Arsenal shifted their attention towards Lyon forward Alexandre Lacazette.

Negotiations have been going on for several weeks and it now looks highly unlikely that the club will be able to sign him since Lyon are unwilling to sell at Arsenal’s asking price. In contrast, Arsenal have given a take or leave offer to the French club. Even though performances in the pre-season friendly games have been extremely good, Arsenal fans feared that the upcoming 2016-17 season will be a repeat of the club’s performances in the last decade whereby they have not been consistent over the course of the season to create any major impact in the table.


Serie A giant Juventus want Arsenal forward Alexis Sánchez to replace Álvaro Morata this summer, according to reports.

Real Madrid activated their buy-back clause they had with Juventus to get Morata. The club is believed would resell the player for profits, after interests in the player increased following his impressive performance for Juve last season.

Arsenal, Chelsea and a few other top clubs are in a battle to sign the Spanish forward this summer. It is likely that Madrid will sell to the highest bidder. On the other hand, Juventus are looking to replace the forward with Arsenal’s Sanchez. The Chilean was part of the team that defeated Argentina for the second time in a row to lift the Copa America played in the United States recently.

Juventus having signed Dani Alves from Barcelona want Sanchez to replace Morata upfront. There are still reports that the club might sell Paul Pogba to Real Madrid for the right price, but as the team is losing players, the club is also seeking for other talented talents to join in. (more…)

Aaron Ramsey claims that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given him a lot of belief

Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey claims that Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has given him a lot of belief that the nation will be able to do something great that the Euro 2016.

Wales are considered as one of the minnows amongst the home nations and they are taking part in the first major tournament in close to 60 years. Everyone from the coaching staff to the playing staff do not have experience of a major international tournament. This has been seen as a major disadvantage for Wales is specially being placed in a group like England, Russia, and Slovakia.

All teams apart from Russia are considered as having a good squad capable of winning the title. Wenger has matured Ramsey since the youngster came through the ranks at Cardiff City before going on to join Arsenal in the summer of 2008. Ramsey hit his peak a few years ago when he was scoring goals for fun. Even though he has struggled to replicate his form since then, Ramsey is expected to be an important player for the Welsh national team at the Euro 2016. So much so that Ramsey has revealed that the private between him and Arsene Wenger in which the Frenchman claimed that Wales have the possibility of creating an upset at the tournament. (more…)

Ray Parlour believes that Arsenal will be able to compete in the Premier League title race

Ray Parlour believes that Arsenal will be able to compete in the Premier League title race only they make some big signings in the summer.

A promising title challenge has once again become a race for the top four. This has been a replica of the gunners’ campaign or more than a decade. Only in the summer, it looked like Arsenal would be able to take advantage of Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United suffering from poor form since the start of the campaign. Arsenal were in the race only with Leicester City back then.

However, they have slipped far behind the top of the table since the turn of the year. Arsenal are now fighting to even remain in the top four with four games left. Parlour believes that there are a number of weak links in the Arsenal squad and Wenger has been unable to overcome them especially during injuries. The injury to Danny Welbeck meant that Olivier Giroud had to play almost the entire season up front on his own. The gunners were challenging on all fronts when Giroud was scoring, but they have fallen behind once those goals dried up. The end of the title challenge was confirmed with a 1-1 draw with Crystal Palace at home. (more…)

Branislav Ivanovic: ‘’We couldn’t handle with the pressure’’

The 32 year old Serbian defender Branislav Ivanovic has recently spoke out about the current Premier League season which has seen Chelsea going from being the champions of England to dropping dangerously low in the league and are now settled in the middle section of the standings.

Chelsea’s Premier League season has been a rollercoaster ride as they have gone from highs to lows and Branislav Ivanovic has also been a turbulent one.

Branislav Ivanovic has revealed details as to why he believes were one of the main reasons of Chelsea’s inconsistency in this season. The Serbian defender said: ‘’We didn’t know what was going wrong around us. No-one inside the club knew. We finished brilliantly last season. We won the trophy. We knew how difficult it was. Jose told us the hardest season in football is the year after you win because everyone else has extra motivation. We were ready for that, but we didn’t start well and we lost control of our game, of our minds.’’

‘’For me that period of three or four months was one of the most disappointing moments in my career. Player by player, we could not deal with the pressure of what being champions of England means. Your opponents have big motivation and they look at you differently, they start to be scared of you. But when we didn’t win for six or seven games, people realized we were not as strong as last season.’’ (more…)

Claudio Ranieri is certain that the Chinese Super League is a threat to the PL

As each day goes by it seems like the spending power of the Chinese Super League increases as well and this is starting to become evident by the amount of high profile players that have been signed by the Asian clubs of that league.

Ezequiel Lavezzi was signed by Heibei China in a deal where the Argentine player is believed to be earning around £400,000 each week. Alex Teixeira was another fairly well know player that was signed by Jiangsu Suning and Alex Teixeira was a winter target of Liverpool but the Premier League club failed to secure his services as he opted to make a move to the Asian club instead of Anfield and Leicester City’ Claudio Ranieri believes that things of this nature will continue to happen if the spending power of the Chinese Super League continues to grow and this can pose as a huge problem for the Premier League

“In three to five years, all the movement will be in China. China want to overtake the Premier League. It is important to spend money to bring the best players, but there is a big threat because China start to buy young and fantastic players.” Leicester City’s Claudio Ranieri said as he voiced his thoughts concerning the recent growth of the Chinese Super League. (more…)

Arsenal needs MesutOzil to win the Premier League

MesutOzil continues to gather the spotlight of the media as the German midfielder is one of the main driving forces behind Arsenal’s rise to the top of the Premier League. This was especially evident during Arsenal’s 2-1 victory over Manchester City. Ozil provided the assists for both of the goals that his teammates scored.

The German player is going through such an impressive season that he is on course of breaking the current Premier League assist record which is being held by Thierry Henry.

Henry is the current record holder for most assists in a single season after providing 20 assists back when he was performing for Arsenal but if MesutOzil continues his form then a new record will be set.

There still are more than 20 games left in this season of the Premier League which is plenty of time for MesutOzil to mark his name in the history books of the English League.

Arsene Wenger took the chance to praise the work that his £42.4 million signing has been making in this season and the French manager labeled Ozil as an: ‘’absolutely unbelievable player’’ (more…)

Yaya Toure wants Africa to invest in it’s youth, agriculture and education

Besides being one of the star players of Manchester City, Yaya Toure also plays a big role for the United Nations Environment as he became a goodwill ambassador back in 2013. The Ivorian midfielder believes that the youth in Africa can be the driving force behind the nation but in order to accomplish that, they need to have a clan and well-structured body and mind.

Manchester City’s Yaya Toure is certain that by investing in today’s generation it will create a wave of positive effects that can help eliminate hunger and poverty but in order for the youth of modern days to develop their full potential they need to have the support by the rest of the world as progress can’t be done in an isolated manner, it needs to be fulfilled with the aid of people from all around the globe.

The Ivorian midfielder of Manchester City, Yaya Toure recently talked during a summit of the United Nations and said: ‘’Right now, millions of campaigners are demanding that all the nations of the world reach a global agreement in Addis Ababa. They are demanding that the very poorest, those living on less than $1.25 a day, should be able to access basic services, like education, food and healthcare. (more…)

Wenger has confidently stated that winning the title remains the target for Arsenal

Wenger has confidently stated that winning the title remains the target for Arsenal going into the new Premier League season.

He says that the gunners will no longer be contenders for the top four alone. For the last decade, Arsenal have been merely top four contenders and have even been faced with the threat of Tottenham and Liverpool overtaking them for this position. The considerable decline made by the team has been reversed by the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. These players have helped Arsenal win back-to-back FA Cup titles.

Armed with the experience of having won trophies, Arsenal’s young guns will be hoping to put up much more than a hopeful challenge in coming years according to Wenger. The Frenchman’s future at the club was on the ropes just 12 months ago. However, he has once again made Arsenal as record holders in terms of FA Cup titles. After having lost won the league title in an unbeaten fashion, Wenger will be hoping for a similar run. Former club legend Thierry Henry, though, believes that the club are still a few signings away from becoming a top player in the league. (more…)

Theo Walcott says that Arsenal now have the ability to start challenging for the Premier League title

England midfielder Theo Walcott says that Arsenal now have the ability to start challenging for the Premier League title. The Arsenal winger was speaking after his goals helped the club win a second consecutive FA Cup. The gunners became the first club in almost a decade to win the FA Cup final by more than a single goal margin. Walcott opened the scoring with a fine effort in the first half before the likes of Alexis Sanchez and Per Mertesacker made the game comfortable for Arsenal against Aston Villa. This is the second FA Cup success in two years for Arsenal and one that makes them record holders of the title.

During the club’s illustrious history, Arsenal have now won 12 FA cups that is more than any other club in the English league. After having achieved two successful glories, Walcott says that it is now time that the club targeted winning the league title. Arsenal have not been crowned as the English champions since the 2003/04 campaign when they went through the whole season without a defeat. Towards the end of the 2014-15 season, Arsenal showed the kind of form that would have seen them win the title had they maintained it throughout the campaign. Consistency should be improved and Walcott is targeting more signings to achieve it. (more…)