Yaya Toure wants Africa to invest in it’s youth, agriculture and education

Besides being one of the star players of Manchester City, Yaya Toure also plays a big role for the United Nations Environment as he became a goodwill ambassador back in 2013. The Ivorian midfielder believes that the youth in Africa can be the driving force behind the nation but in order to accomplish that, they need to have a clan and well-structured body and mind.

Manchester City’s Yaya Toure is certain that by investing in today’s generation it will create a wave of positive effects that can help eliminate hunger and poverty but in order for the youth of modern days to develop their full potential they need to have the support by the rest of the world as progress can’t be done in an isolated manner, it needs to be fulfilled with the aid of people from all around the globe.

The Ivorian midfielder of Manchester City, Yaya Toure recently talked during a summit of the United Nations and said: ‘’Right now, millions of campaigners are demanding that all the nations of the world reach a global agreement in Addis Ababa. They are demanding that the very poorest, those living on less than $1.25 a day, should be able to access basic services, like education, food and healthcare.

When I was growing up in Ivory Coast, I was able to channel my energy through education and sport. Now I wish for all the young men and women of Africa to have a decent chance of meeting their potential in life. But, for them to be the engine of global progress, they themselves need fuel: for their stomachs and for their minds’’

Toure is hoping that youngsters in Africa will get the same chance that he had when he was growing up in Ivory Coast and avoid doing harmful things such as: drugs, robbery, etc. The Manchester City player was able to solely focus on playing football and now he has become one of the highest rated players in the world of football.