Birmingham vs Arsenal Wembley Carling Cup Final, Final Whistle

Carling Cup Ultimate 2011. Birmingham vs Arsenal, last whistle soon after Obafemi Martins scores a late goal to win the game for Birmingham Metropolis.Player and fans celebrating. Block 136 Row 36 Seat 64.
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25 thoughts on “Birmingham vs Arsenal Wembley Carling Cup Final, Final Whistle

  1. What brings a smile to my face is knowing that all the anti-bluenose commentators on this posting actually watched the video of these last glorious minutes, and then chose to devote part of their time to making a comment…priceless.

  2. @filmflex I’d rather have one league cup that I can remember than a load of stuff 100 years ago.

  3. As a Man City fan I was delighted to see BCFC win. Its good for football that Arsenal/Chelsea/Man Utd don’t win everything, plus I know how it feels not to have won a trophy in a while, whilst your cross city rivals win a lot. Well done Birmingham

  4. @wearethefuture3030
    Who the fucking hell are you? How can YOU make judgments? ”Maybe when you win a league title or two i may not call you “dirty”, “cheating”, “hoofball”, “studs up” etc.etc.” We’re Birmingham City mate, what makes you think we care what a twatty little glory hunting fan thinks?! Fuck right off!

  5. Nice one u shirt blue nose scum 2nd major cup in ur history haha shit of England blue scum!!!!

  6. Oh well, 3 more league cups, 7 F.A cups, a European cup, a European super cup, 7 league titles and a community shield, you’d catch up with Aston Villa, The pride of the midlands and 4th most successful English club of all time! S.O.T.C

  7. I hope you English Morris Dancing Muppets appreciate us SCOTS at management level.because without us you have NO CHANCE.If you want a xxxxxxxx trophy,you get a SCOTTISH guy in charge.ok!

  8. What a great video, really captures the glory and desperation that I felt standing just around the corner. So glad you filmed this mate, captured that moment when over 100 years of pain was washed away. Brilliant.

  9. my god some of the sour grape comments make me puke. we fully deserved the cup we are potentially the biggest club in the country London as got to many teams and Manchester and Liverpool are smaller Cities we are the 2nd City but Top Team.I was there in 63. I dont think I will have to wait that long again. SOTV.

  10. ye you might have deserved this 1, but your next 1 will be in another hundred years time. brumeys r shyte

  11. Ben Fosters own words were that when he won it with Man United they headed to the dressing room and home, but at blues theyre gonna celebrate into the night

    thats passion, thats a real team, thats why you support your local team through all the shit, and believe me following blues through the MANY sorrows has made this one trophy worth it bigtime, every tuesday night away on those cold winter nights… we fucking deserved this


  12. birmingham won fair and square, but Koscielny fucked up bad. all his fault. if he didnt do that and it went to overtime, who knows?

  13. arsenal are rubbish. they are a bunch of french fags.

    birmingham won because their team is british

  14. @wearethefuture3030
    fck off you glory supporter.
    Was a great final ( pundits and fans both said )
    You little rat


  16. @wearethefuture3030 unbiased??? unbiased???? poor dirty side??? are you an idiot just cos u werent in it mr cambridge fan. oh your not cambridge? leeds? oh manchester united. u know there are other uniteds out there anyway we beat arsenal so shut your mouth you sore loser!!! West Ham 4-0 u LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  17. Quality video fella, nothing better than seeing those dirty goons crying haha! fuck off arsenal!

  18. MK Dons fan…Wanted you to win since you knocked us out…Congrats. Have had a real soft spot for Blues for the past few years…

  19. @wearethefuture3030 Unbiased united fan?? Same united beaten by west ham in the 1/4 final. Probably a villa fan thats to ashamed!! MOODY!

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