Funny football

Humorous football uefa, fifa UEFA Champions League fifa planet cup UEFA Cup Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, England, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, USSR, West Germany, Yugoslavia, Belgium, France, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany,…
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25 thoughts on “Funny football

  1. This isn’t football… This is your little London silly nannys no skill soccer in real sport like football you tackle and hit people not tickle them

  2. @sparta981 this is because, you can never beat me in fifa 10, or 11…..but maybe you can defeat zen….he sweep in badminton….

  3. I still don’t fully understand why this is called soccer in the U.S.A…

    Nice video.

  4. @3010smejo

    “colonel bogey march” – was in the Bridge on the River Kwai… also the music to “Hitler has only got one ball”

  5. hahahaha 2:50 i didnt expect that lololol thanks best football fuckups vid on youtube!

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