25 thoughts on “Arsenal Greatest goals Pt 1 – HQ

  1. ive never been a big fan of soccer but watching guys like this and that vieira make me wish i played

  2. good job mate..really cool video…..wenger need to tell the boys to try and score like these….way too many passes nowadays

  3. I’d like to have seen more team goals in this video. Despite the fact that there were countless brilliant long range goals they aren’t really what Arsenal is about.

  4. @mercurial22 totally agree
    i hate the qay ppl think rooney nd torres nd drogba are as god as him

  5. Samir Nasri against FC Porto – unbelievable and needs to be up in Pt 4
    Goal #3 vs FC Braga 15/09/10, typical arsenal flair, creativity, and brilliance!

  6. What great distance goals. What great long range cross-field assists. Where are they now? And where is Tomas Rosicky’s right foot gone to?

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