Thierry Henry Legend All Arsenal Goals Part 4

This video clip sequence is made up of all of Thierry Henry’s 226 objectives for Arsenal, who he played for among 1999-2007. Henry is recognised as a world class striker and is regarded as 1 of the finest gamers in Arsenal’s heritage. Though Henry played up front as a striker in the course of his youth, he spent his time at Monaco and Juventus taking part in on the wing. When Henry joined Arsenal in 1999, Wenger immediately changed this, switching Henry to his childhood position, often pairing him with Dutch veteran Dennis Bergkamp. For the duration of the 200405 time, Wenger switched Arsenal’s formation to four-5-one. This alter pressured Henry to adapt once more to match into the Arsenal group, and he played many games as a lone striker. Still, Henry remained Arsenal’s major offensive threat, on several events conjuring spectacular targets. Wenger the moment mentioned of his fellow Frenchman: “Thierry Henry could get ball in the middle of park and score a target that no one particular else in the entire world could score”. A single of the factors cited for Henry’s impressive play up entrance is his potential to calmly score from a single-on-ones. This, mixed with his exceptional pace, signifies that he can get in behind defenders on a regular basis adequate to score. When up entrance, Henry is occasionally acknowledged to transfer out broad to the left wing placement, one thing which enables him to contribute seriously in helps: between 200203 and 200405, the striker managed virtually fifty helps in whole and this was attributed to his unselfish play and creativity. Henry would also drift offside to

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  1. @maxpaynekat please…how did he cheat an entire nation, your talking as if he is the one that got ireland bankrupt or something lmao, every player gets and handball sometimes…no one thinks of that before a game, it came out of nowhere…what do you want him to do…say he doesnt want the goal??? gimme a break, maybe ur the pope or something lol

  2. @JSJ07 so your sayin cheating an entire nation out of the greatest sporting event in the world is not as bad as a little headbutt

  3. @maxpaynekat no way! handballing against IRELAND(a team that will never even come close to winning the world cup) in a QUALIFYING ROUND is nothing compared to being sent off in the WORLD CUP FINAL against ITALY in your LAST MATCH EVER

  4. @theftrecordings nah dude, check the vids before this one, he had a header against Spartak Moscow, and one against West Ham. but still thats only three out of 112 🙂
    Ti Ti is a legend

  5. Henry: the coolest in front of goal. He makes it look so simple, like he’s playing in the streets as a youngster, but this is the top flight, the Premiership!

  6. sadly in 30 years time people will remember him for the handball. Like Zidane and the headbutt.

  7. @mrjramos14 walcott was his understudy u yank cunt. call yourself a gooner know your football sorry soccer b4 putting up comments my son

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