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  1. Just now coming on as an arsenal fan cuz I’m such an ozil fan. This team
    has so much potential man, and I’m over here in the states. I’ve seen every
    game since ozil joined and can’t wait for the rest. COYG!!!

  2. A lot of Arsenal fans including myself were disappointed in Clichy’s
    performance mainly due to lack of competition. Wait so you think Jack was
    better in 2011 then he is now? Look at tonight the spirit is there, we
    should never have gone through but we did.

  3. Just playing with my thoughts lately: Look at our teamsheet when
    everybody’s healthy and back running: Starting eleven: Szczesny, Sagna,
    Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Cazorla, Özil,
    Giroud. Subs: Fabianski, Vermaelen, Monreal, Podolski, Chamberlain,
    Flamini, Wilshere! What a team!!! I haven’t even found place on the bench
    for Viviano, Diaby, Rosicky, Jenkinson, and Gnabry!!! So proud to be a

  4. We’ll have to agree to disagree on Clichy and Jack. I think they were
    really good that year. I agree with most of the rest although we haven’t
    yet seen how Ozil and Cazorla will combine with each other. It’s an
    extremely exciting prospect though

  5. I think that we can challenge on all fronts. The team has a certain look
    about them this season.. they seem super motivated and hungry for success.
    They’ve learned some hard lessons in past seasons.. but I think all those
    bad memories will help them stay focused and motivated throughout the
    season. I will be cheering them on every game. COYG!

  6. Lets not get too carry away. All fans certainly are happy about the Ozil
    signing and subsequent performance after the first game. We kinda miss that
    feeling for a long time. Things are looking bright but we will face the
    real challenge after another 5 league games. So we must take that 12-15 pts
    before heading against the title contenders. Go Gunners

  7. Not in his last season, Clichy was very poor in his last year was much
    better the year before. Koscielny was getting better but he was no where
    near as good as he is now. I agree about Nasri but tbh I would have Santi
    and Ozil over Nasri and Cesc. Although Jack was playing well he is a better
    player now along with Ramsey’s new found goalscoring. Yeah Van Persie was
    brilliant when he came back but we were already out of the title race hen
    he did return.

  8. I agree with your point about their spirit. But Clichy was ever improving
    (That was probably his best season), Koscielny improved in the second half
    of the season and RvP came from injury to score an average of a goal per
    game for the rest of 2011 (He got like 18 goals in as many games or
    something like that). Wilshere and Nasri were in the form of their lives,
    Arshavin was playing well and Fabregas was doing what he always does. The
    performance against Barca was the highlight of the season

  9. feeling good about the attitude from the players I genuinely believe were
    going to be title contenders instead of aiming for top four we just need to
    get points from the big games and focus cause it’s a long long season

  10. not really his job though is it? we play counter attacking football.When
    the ball’s in our half giroud needs to be near the halfway line ready to
    break with Theo and Poldi.

  11. Great video Robbie and I concur with your sentiments. I do also believe
    that we can do something this season. I am very encouraged and given the
    number of injuries; we have exceeded even the most optimistic pre season
    expectations. Hats off as well to the manager and club for stepping up to
    the plate. They deserve immense credit. Don’t think we may win the EPL but
    according to Ozil’s sky interview when responding to the question of
    Arsenal winning the league “Of Course”!!!!

  12. I belive that AFC can win the BPL..we will not lose a single game against
    small teams..and if we pull victorys against
    chelsea.man.city..utd.liverpool..we can win the league..also a cup.:)

  13. a few weeks ago We Lost against Villa,and I got really peeved at the
    negative remarks on the Gaffer. Show some respect as Fans and as Gunners.
    Stay Strong,Believe this game is a game of two halves and the players need
    to do their job.with 115 minutes in mind.Remember Alex time!!!

  14. We the Arsenal need Mr Wenger to sign for another ten years…. you saying
    What??? well let us see. Never forget who has turned this club around. We
    are one of the biggest world wide. Our Finances are strong. Our quality of
    the game is awesome. We are probably the only club that still hold the
    element of surprise. You say we haven’t won anything in 8 years. Yes !
    true. Is our books Balanced after building a state of the art Stadium.Have
    we gone unbeaten 49 Games.50 only for a Rooney DIVE!!

  15. If everyone looks really closely at the word ‘Team” there is no letter “I”.
    If I have an opinion on who needs to be doing a little more defensively
    when the Ball is in our half.It is the player ,Mr Giroud # 12,yes he has
    improved as everyone else.But for the rest of the season look closely at
    how he doesn’t give chase to get the ball back.

  16. Robbie mate ure absolute class and u keep things into perspective, ure defo
    Arsenals best stakeholder.

  17. But it had no spirit, they didn’t win games they should have lost. The
    defence was poor clichy was a liability Koscielny was poor back then. The
    major thing Van Persie was injured if he was fit it may have been another
    story, but that team was over rated whereas this one is under rated.

  18. Let’s get another striker, DM and CB in the January xfer window and we can
    challenge for everything

  19. Super happy with todays win, I hope we keep up with this consistency,
    especially against our big upcoming games in the following 2 months
    (napoli, dortmund, liverpool, man united, even swansea) COYG

  20. I think the 2011 team was pretty good. Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri,
    Wilshere, Song, Arshavin (He was actually really good that season), Clichy,
    Vermaelen, Koscielny, Sagna, Szczesny. I know it looks like a team of
    traitors up front but if you ignore that, this team was absolute class.

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