25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC 2 Liverpool 0 – It Was A Great Team Performance- ArsenalFanTV.Com

  1. It Was A Great Team Performance says Moh after #Arsenal 2 #Liverpool 0.
    #AFCvLFC #COYG #Goonerfamily

  2. “Can Mertesacker and Koscielny keep out the best striking partnership in
    the league, i was looking at it the other way around could Suarez and
    Sturridge score past the best defensive partnership in the league.

  3. human!! I guess every player is a human!! Why would you spend 40mill to buy
    a human where u can buy another human from another club for 100k!!

  4. Ozil isn’t going to play great every game but he is going to play key
    passes every game he is world class. Carzorla at 60% is most prem
    midfielders 100% our midfield is crazy just want the Ox back coz he has raw

  5. Mo always knows what he’s talking about,true Arsenal fan. Everybody is
    saying that the wheels are going to fall off,it’s not gonna happen,we can
    win the title this season,will feel so proud if we did,we need to get that
    monkey off our back of not winning a trophy,once we do that I know more
    trophies will follow.

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