Arsenal – FC Porto: 5 – 0 Champions League 2010

Champions League 2010. Hattrick by Nicklas Bendtner. Arsenal’s very first Champions League hattrick was scored by Thierry Henry in 2002 versus AC Roma.
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25 thoughts on “Arsenal – FC Porto: 5 – 0 Champions League 2010

  1. @PeterPereira100 yah but sadly for porto, only a few mouths later that same red team named benfica owned porto at porto´s home. porto players didnt even had a chance of goal at their own home. how embarassing huh??? seriously i dont know whats worse.

  2. @xepfeon so what’s your point ? I never said they’re still living , and obviously it was a joke smartass
    don’t make me think danish people don’t have a sense of humor ;p

  3. @bissau62 so what???? results are not always important.its how much you can dominate the game and control things on the field is important.arsenal is one of the most leading clubs in the world and porto is not.

  4. @wace4 The stadium is called the Emirates Stadium Officially but during the Champions League its called Arsenal Stadium because of sponsorship rules by UEFA, Something about Emirates not being an Official UEFA sponsor.

  5. @Ruderboat nah dude..portuguese is pretty ugly too. but personally i think norwegian is a pretty cool language.

  6. @58soma That’s the wrong way round… Against poor teams they are poor – did you not see Ipswich and Leeds, and that’s only in the last week! And @bissau62, 5-0 and 2-0 are VERY different…

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