25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Never Give Up

  1. your’e the meen.
    what a great video.
    thank you

    arsenal best club ever.
    it’s more than a game.
    it’s a passion.

  2. is not only the arsenal but for all those teams that play really beautiful game and sometimes dont win a trophy, but they somehow won something that is more hard to get, the heart of the people and a place in the history for a great legacy, Netherlands 1974, Arsenal, Barcelona , Milan 90s all of them will be there for this BEAUTIFUL GAME

  3. By far my favorite arsenal video yet, and I’ve seen many….
    i was also wondering if u could have a link to download this great vid!!

  4. Man, your video is leading our weekly top video on groover.fr, great job, I may have to ask you a favor soon

  5. This video is what football is all about, never give in, keep fighting, it’s never too late to shoot for the stars. Absolutely stunning, you deserve a million views, brilliant video after brilliant video. Keep it up, these videos are absolutely heartwarming and filled with passion. 🙂

  6. Nice video but try not to use clips from other videos. A lot of clips are from armir’s ”2010” video, at least give him a credit in description box. Keep it up and search raw clips on the internet.

  7. Omfg you deserve 1 million views. You make masterpiece after masterpiece! ARSENAL FOR LIFE <3

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