25 thoughts on “Jay Emmanuel-Thomas Wonder Goal vs Everton Reserves

  1. He played really well for Cardiff last saturday, played right wing. Running at defenders with his trickery.. with him, bothroyd, bellamy and chopra in the starting 11 nobody’s going to want to go up against us haha

  2. Welcome to Real Madrid! Seriously believe he is the best footballer in the world right now, that was amazing! Supposedly Murinho bought him to replace Higuain, which is good because i was getting fed up of him! hope fully Jay emmanual thomas scores against Barcelona in el classico to prove he is better than messi!!!


  3. You can say what you want about Nicklas Bendtner, but he’s a great footballer, great goalscorer and ís 100% dedicated and true to Arsenal.
    So many people criticize him for not performing well… I mean, who would?Eventhough you’re in a great shape, scoring lots of goals at practise, it’s still the game-form you want. And that doesn’t come easily. And certainly not from 10-45 minutes here and there. Let him start in 5-10 matches, and I’m sure you’ll see a goalscoring Bendtner again.

  4. yes city got him on loan – looks good and hopefully he’ll scare some defenders with such good footwork and trickery – especially pulling off hocus pocus at his young age. Why is wenger keeping players like Bendtner and loaning out players like JET and Larsson, who is now moved permanently? hes letting some class go

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