25 thoughts on “Arsenal 2003-2004 Season review pt.2

  1. i have major respect for arsenal, love watching them, great history, great football. FUCK chelsea and man utd. From a birmingham city fan.

  2. well done arsenal. for all us neutrals watching, it was great to watch and very memorable

  3. this year is the first year since then i feel it in m bones arsenal will reign supreme again. thumbs me up if we are premiers in 2010.

  4. Missed one game that season. Pompey at home when the world went apoplectic with rage after Pires dived for a pen. I was in Florida.

    Got the 38 out of 38 the following year.

  5. I’ve missed a lot of matched in that season. Thanks a lot for bringing those wonderful moments to us again 🙂

  6. hats of to Arsenal. fantastic achievement. can i just say as a Newcastle fan, Titus Bramble is FUCKIN USELESS

  7. Rofl just noticed that Ljungberg must think the Gods are against him – how many times have we seen him hit the woodwork already?

  8. “Arsenal’s left-hand side can destroy teams”… what a comment by Andy Gray at 1:51to 1:54..

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