25 thoughts on “Football Rivalries Arsenal vs. Tottenham Part 1.

  1. @ThePoshGooner and stop pretendinmg like youre a real scum supporter we all know u are nothing more then a littel glory hunting plastic fan !!.. Go watch youre beloved WWE u littel kid!!

  2. @ThePoshGooner haha barcelona wasn’t near their brilliant best .. cuz if they where it would have been at least barcelona 4-0 scum !!

  3. Cause’ you two started supporting this season, here are some facts:
    11 more titles
    More FA Cups
    Finished above you since Wenger came
    Six points ahead
    Beat best team in world at own game.
    What you got to say about that!?

  4. @yiddo67 did you watch the game? Barca were at their brilliant best. How do we dive? God your pathetic.

  5. let them have their little moment,makes a change from them fucking up 2 and 4 nil leads.barca wont play in 2nd gear at home,itl be another lesson like last season.another hammering.spurs will get further in the champions lge and finish any title hopes they think they have at whl.everton now the latest team that hates them as well as birmingham and man utd.diving cheats that cant take a tackle.moyes was right,wengers a liar and fabregas a crying little cunt.

  6. @ThePoshGooner u know what i mean u plastic scum.. and san siro was graveyard haha u dind’t wacht the match cuz u know u envy our great support 4600 spurs fans out sung milan !!.. and now when scum won barca all of a sudden u think u won this argument but pls u are no where near !!. and yes u are racsict ,u proved it when u aske’d me to fuck off out of england cuz im from faroisland ..Fucking poor !! .. and by the way u atmid u self that we got a better atmosphere then arse-hole .. !

  7. Also, your still only taking about fans. Either end the debate or say something apart from the same things again & again!

  8. What is The Emraits? The San Siro was a graveyard, two sets of poor fans. Jeez, I’m still winning this argument without swearing, being racist or making things up. You could learn a lot.

  9. BTW It’s about time you mentioned a fluke one off result. I could name many occasions we have beat you, but it is late…

  10. @ThePoshGooner real support is what we showed at san siro .. we where only 4600 fans aginst the whole san siro… and we out sung them.. and won the match at san siro.. and we dont need more 1000 spurs fans to out sing the whole plastic emraits !! …. leeds out sung u at emaraits !! and if arse-hole that was like liverpool now .. we would’t hear any thing from u scums !!

  11. Leeds? Them thugs? Liverpool fans have proved this season they aren’t as loyal as we’re supposed to believe. Tottenham? You could be beating Barcelona in the CL Final 99-0 and the stadium would be silent.

  12. @gardenpanda1 Don’t knock our fans. The support was sensational. We beat the best team in the world. Messi was poor but they were still brilliant.

  13. @ThePoshGooner yeaah well done u beat barcelona… and thats the first time i heard u scum got up and support youre team .. well done. but u stil have’t out sung a team whit real fans team like leeds, tottenham liverpool, they got good supporters..

  14. How come you only talk about our fans? Just because if you get into a real debate about FOOTBALL TEAMS you’ll get whipped. You already are.

  15. @gardenpanda1 seeing the game? Singing while we concede, before and after. Brilliant. So proud of ma boys so far

  16. Here is a joke !! .. what is the similarty between ARse-hole fans and sperm cell’s .. just one of many millions becomes somting !!

  17. @RVDExtremeRules U scum do go the game but you just sit there, sing no songs, show no passion, only noise YOU SHIT FANS make is when scum score and thats a little ‘yay’..

  18. @RVDExtremeRules i said MORE then 50 % are plastic and u all are primadonas.. u scum are complainin evry fucking time u lose, and u dive all the time !! .. how have u to forgget we beat u 3-2 and there are just 6 point diffrence in epl between us .. we are coming for u diving cunts !.. saying arse-hole fans are better then spurs fans haha .. serusly!! we have out sung evry game even on youre own stadium ..Poor !. and youre shit fans evry team is outsingin you …

  19. @gardenpanda1 Finally, did you conduct an experiment proving that exactly 50% of Arsenal fans are plastic. Even if that was true, it would be about 50% better than yours.

  20. @gardenpanda1 I know we’ll probably be knocked out before the scum this season but let’s just look at the facts:
    Barca-Best Team, Player & Manager in the World. Considered one of the greats already.
    Milan- Ageing team, crap gaffer & shocking defence.
    And once again how do I glory hunt? Never seen Arsenal win anything, never considered changing teams & am passionate. It’s funny how you keep on going on about fans. Not mentioned points gap or our superiority?

  21. @gardenpanda1 when did I say that? I meant we don’t have Madrid/Milan support! Our fans are better than yours, so is our team. The scores I hear most from you Spuds are:
    Spurs 2-1 Arsenal FA Cup Semi Final
    Spuds 5-1 Arsenal Lge Cup Semi Final
    Spuds 3-1 Inter Champs Lge Group Stage
    Realise none if those was a final or actually important?

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