25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry meets with Arsenal fans at Red Bull Arena

  1. LA Galaxy rulez MLS….. Fuck NYRB…Beckham had a way better impact on MLS…and now Beckham+Donovan+Angel= MLS cup 2011 BITCHES !!! oh and Fuck Henry+Arsenal….!!!

  2. @gunnersgirl04 He said “I think you already know the answer to that one” 🙂

  3. LEGEND!!!!!!!!

    I dont know many suppoters that still support previous players even when they move to other clubs, let alone other continents. Henry….we gooner fans salute you.

  4. He’ll always be the king! One day he’ll guide us to the Premiership as manager of the gunners!

  5. @mcrudeboi123456789 yea he’s always at the arsenal matches these days, and i think the fans are a bunch of londoners

  6. @noorgiggs mate i just want to say that henry left because he split up with his wife and he left the country and barca wanted to sign him so before you go on slagging him get what your sayin right ?

  7. You Red Bull lads need to remember that Henry loves Arsenal he visits the club and North London all the time he is the biggest legend to come to this beautiful club, never knew there were alot of Arsenal fans in US and New York.

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