Team mates – Arshavin – Arsenal

In this bit for very last weekend’s episode of Soccer AM, the small Russian talked about his Arsenal teammates. And while I couldn’t realize a excellent 90 percent of it, I cherished each second.

25 thoughts on “Team mates – Arshavin – Arsenal

  1. Jack Wilshere? he’s a small dude…. probably not small downstairs, though! haha. love Arsha!

  2. Worst taste in music: “I can say me because I think I am alone who doesn’t have iPod” (he thinks he was the worst taste in music because he is the only one who doesn’t have an iPod) Arshavin is a funny guy and nice guy all up and not to mention he’s a great player.

  3. “they do it naked” , and then the funniest laugh i’ve ever heard hhahahaahahahahhaha epic

  4. When Arshavin talks i really try to take him seriously..but when he then starts to laugh i’m helpless..! XD

  5. @11mrpm The question ‘Who’s the longest in the shower’ actually means ‘Who has the biggest d*ck’:P It’s funny because most of the players interviewed don’t know this (especially foreigners of course) so they name someone taking the question literally. And some players DO know what the question means and they STILL name someone haha!:D

  6. @KOkingnufc07 i hate to say admit it.. but its true.. Although Szczesny looks to have a great future in front of him 🙂

  7. LOL he says all the Arsenal keepers do a lot of training, you wouldnt think that from the way they play

  8. i love you arshavin everything about you your beaufitul and your football skills are amazing i love you laugh

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