25 thoughts on “Manchester United VS Arsenal 4-0

  1. @United2o11 I was agreeing with you until you mentioned ” we’ve always played better attacking football” this season Park got a lucky goal and you defended the whole game. What was the possession something like 66% to us and 34 % to you. You’ve never played the style of football we’ve brought to England. Just check Henrys, Bergkamp , pires, fabregas style. We’re winning this, see you next epl game and have fun in the fa cup. Our style is way to much for you to play attacking. We caught barcelona

  2. @ArinOngunTV Better football? You mean the better football where you got thrashed in this game without us needing Ronaldo & Tevez? Or how we’ve smashed you Home & Away for the last 3 years. We’ve always played better attacking football.


  3. @ADEL9777 Who was missing in defense? Toure & Gallas were playing. Ronaldo, Tevez and Hargreaves were out. Excuses. excuses.

  4. Man Utd are going to face Arsenal again in the FA Cup in 2011 in the Quarter finals… here we go again.. 🙂

  5. @reasonstobemiserable somehow I dont think he would’ve had the likes of xavi and iniesta in his pocket, twas hargreaves who would have done a lot more

  6. Hehehe so united get excited when they beat an arsenal team that had the likes of Justin Hoyte, armand traore etc in their squad…hmmm

  7. @ArinOngunTV you can shut your mouth. man utd aint cheaters they play a fair game every time they play.

  8. This game highlights the difference Fletcher can be. If he hadn’t have missed the champs league final against Barcelona we would of probably won it in my honest opinion. But no, he missed it because of that farcical penalty in yet another game where Man Utd ripped Arsenal apart.

  9. Typical arsenal trying to cheat as they are simply soar losers.. I hate arsenal man utd ripped them apart in this game!! Up united!!

  10. After United have done buying referees and encouraging players to play dirty football like diving and bad challenges then you will beat most teams in todays game. One thing is for sure, Arsenal have always played better football than united.

  11. haha this generation of man u players and and the next and the next and the next….etc are always gona make arsenal kiss uniteds asses 🙂

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