Robin Van Persie – Arsenal – ‘Champion’ – HD

Robin Van Persie, goals for Arsenal in the years 2005-2010. (Does not contain present period targets.) Observe in Hd! The video clip and audio excellent is way much better! ————————————————– Since of his recent kind, I’ve created a video clip on Van Persie. ————————————————– Audio: Kayne West – Champion. ————————————————– By the way, I do not know what occurred at the very finish of the video clip with the music. I’ve rendered the video clip a couple of occasions and it seemed to be like that each and every time. ————————————————–

23 thoughts on “Robin Van Persie – Arsenal – ‘Champion’ – HD

  1. Blinding video mate, hopefully you get some footage from the final next month.

    I Shall be there! COMON YOU GUNNERS!

  2. @Gazzaaman XD Thanks! Nice to hear you spotted that. It was put there for that reason after all. (;

  3. @BallackGoals Thanks a lot! Yeh the song choice is probably more important than the editing in the video to be honest. I’m trying not to use songs that you see in EVERY football video. (;

  4. apart from that game last week he had an 100% penalty record for 3 years, best penalty taker in the world

  5. What differs you from other people who also make Arsenal videos is the music choice. I know now that I don’t even have to watch the video; all I need to do is look in the description, and I’m sure that the song is worth getting. Keep up the good work!

  6. 1:12 LOL i like that part where Wenger gives a thumbs up and you hear in the back ground “thats that shit” it fits in perfectly. Great video!.

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