24 thoughts on “Graham Hunter on Arsenal target Nacho Monreal – Transfer Deadline Day

  1. this comment translated from spanish means “Sons of bitches, fucking English”. :p

  2. its not that one sided as u think it is

    arsenal in terms of talent can beat bayern munich but they need to gel together and play like a team and more importantly be mentally prepared to beat bayern

    bayern has lost to leverkusen and bate borisov already this season and arsena r much better than both these teams

    borussia dortmund smashed bayern last season and arsenal beat dortmund in that same season

  3. Its ridicukous all the spanish players and liga stars are leaving such a shame for the league with the best potential in the world.

  4. Our form until now will have absolutely no bearing on the Bayern games. Undoubtedly we will go into the fixtures as underdogs, but people are seriously overstating the gap in quality between the two teams. You’re acting like its the most one sided game in the history of football, you’re mad.

  5. if arsenal had been playing well then that is a different case but the way it looks now i highly doubt it. the fa cup would be more realistic and if we are lucky we can do well enough the attain 4th place

  6. I’ve heard Monreal was a done deal for next season but with Gibbs injury Arsenal had to step it up a few months. I’m delighted with him, lets hope he can make a big impact. COYG!

  7. I have to give great credit to Wenger for bringing in Cazorla and Nacho. This proves Wenger still has a eye for tallent.

  8. He was learning English for the last two months Arsenal had a ore agreement to sign him in the summer but injury to Gibbs forced them to get him now and it’s better because Chelsea would prolly stole him with bigger offer like with mata.this kid will be a top player he fits in afc style of play and he can cross better than anyone on our team now

  9. George McGill you silly bastard , how the fuck are arsenal a terrible club ? They are a great club but just not successful of late. If they were terrible then they would not have a history with a but ton of trophys in their past . Even to this day despite their lack of good form they still play very good football and are very entertaining . Fucking moron . Think before you speak .

  10. your a fucking idiot.

    wenger trusted ashley cole as a teenager and nurtured him into the player he is today, playing him alongside the experience of adams and keown,

    secondly clichy was a double winner,

    WHAT SHOWS YOU KNOW FUCK ALL ABOUT FOOTBALL is the fact that clichy pulled of a world class tackle and the REF GOT IT WRONG

    thirdly kolo toure was a key part of our double winning side AND INVINCIBLE TEAM he picked him out for 50grand from the middle of africa and we sold him for 200x that.

  11. Gibbs has been top 5 arsenal player this season. They don’t need a leftback, their centrebacks are the worst in the prem haha terrible club

  12. Finally some top level punditry with real insight. And glad to hear the new boy has talent. COYG!!

  13. HELL YEAH i am a Arsenal Fan and i think that this left back will be a lot better than stupid Andre Santos and Gibbs

  14. love it. getting knock down prices from teams in financial ruins. Wenger at his best.

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