25 thoughts on “FIFA 13: Arsenal Career Mode – S1E11 – Step Up Gervinho !!!!

  1. I support Everton! ­čÖé also they have players who you can get´╗┐ a good bit of cash off!

  2. Hold what down longer? Unless you have´╗┐ player clear to receive a defensive header! Just always hold X and B to the max! It works better! And you’re more likely not to concede

  3. When you go in for a defensive header, always power up X or B to clear it!! It works´╗┐ especially with subotic

  4. yes! He gets like 90 sprint speed and 95 strength, look on mgh’s career mode he’s an´╗┐ 85 after two seasons!

  5. get this guy he will improve to 80+ he starts at 58 name is B├Ąrkroth´╗┐ plays in Allsvenskan league for IFK G├Âteborg trust me on this one!

  6. Try to get Micah-The-TAAAAANK and doumbia or muriel , there both sick strikers. Or maybe ogbonna for´╗┐ CB but i doubt he can play rb

  7. Looks like we will be taking a Good look at Richards´╗┐ and see if we can work out a deal.

  8. I second what iBreathArsenal has said. Micah Richards is a beast of a RB! Also, if you’re looking for a good young forward who you can rotate, I’d take a´╗┐ look at Mattia Destro, he’s a cracking player!

  9. I know, it was a Sick Goal – It will be a close game, just play like you did against United´╗┐ and you should do well to be fair.

  10. I know, he sends me a message every time I switch the Xbox on – LoL – I will´╗┐ when I get the time, I was only for 25 mins last night which was the first all week.

  11. OMG!! gervinhos´╗┐ goal was amazing ­čś« hope he dosent do that tomorrow against us ­čÖü

  12. Yeah´╗┐ the Dortmund Lad is quite a Beast, he has real quality and I wish we could bring in Jovetic but they want silly money.

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