FIFA 11 Game Simulation | Arsenal vs Barcelona

Making use of the EA Sports activities FIFA 11 game engine we simulated the Feb sixteenth matchup among Arsenal and Barcelona. What are your predictions? For a lot more data on FIFA eleven pay a visit to: Facebook Twitter:
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25 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Game Simulation | Arsenal vs Barcelona

  1. @nickLP1000 νομίζετε ότι είναι αστείο να βρίζουν τους άλλους ανθρώπους σε διαφορετική γλώσσα; Λοιπόν, το Google Translate για τη νίκη σκύλα!

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  3. @IniestaMessiXavi fuck you when Real Madrid wins dont be crying like a little bitch alright and Real Madrid doesn’t suck because if they did they wouldn’t be the second best team fucking dumbass

  4. @chunkyponch η μανα σου εχει πολυ ωραιο μουνακι σαν το δικο σου

  5. Lol they got 2 of the scorers right! Arsenal just need a draw at the Nou camp and we’re through, no Fabregas or Walcot though 🙁

  6. @chunkyponch γαμω τη μανα σου παλιο καριολη πουτανας γιε μην σου γαμισω οτι εχεις και δεν εχεις

  7. @Rockyyyyyyyyyy with Valdes and Pique not available. Perhaps Puyol aswell. Good luck.
    We always score. It will be a tough match for both teams. Don’t be disapointed when you lose. We got everything to win, nothing to lose. You on the other hand, have everything to lose, and nothing to win. So even when we don’t win, we won’t lose 😛

    We are deadly on the counter, and our defense is much better than last year. Good luck.

  8. @Chubbsy03
    get CRs dick in ur throat u bitch
    real madrid sux
    if real madrid win (which is impossible cuz they suck) they will never win 5:0
    barca can humilate madrid but madrid cant u bitch
    and ramos is a tranny

  9. thats pretty impressive that they predicted arshavin and villa both to score. i will now use these videos for betfair

  10. @linkuz10 you can only be better when you go to the top two leagues in the world and conquer, he conquered in the premier league and he is conquering the la liga, let messi go try the premier league defence and see what’s up…

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