25 thoughts on “birmingham v arsenal EDUARDO INJURY

  1. @iWormiee Exactly he’s at shitty Watford, the absolute pile of shit that were once a premier league club now a bunch of fucking nobody’s, Watford haha.

  2. The fucking bastard should be banned for life! he obviously meant to do it why would you go flying in with stoods showing the prick if i was flamini there i wouldve gone fucking mental

  3. some stats before he moved to Arsenal:

    Croatian league: 28 app – 30 goals
    Qualification for EC: 12 app – 10 goals
    U21: 12 app – 14 goals
    Uefa Cup: 2 app – 2 goals
    CL qualification: 4 app – 3 goals

    Such a shame he could not participate at the EC in 2008, he would have been one of THE stars! It was mainly him who even brought us there.After the injury he seemed not to be as confident as before, but I`m very glad that he`s doing great in the Ukraine. Hope to finally see him at the EC 2012 .

  4. Such a shame he will be mainly remembered for his horrific injury. He would have been the perfect replacement for Arsenal. He was DEFINITELY WORLD CLASS. Many of you have unfortunately seen too little from him. I remember that Arsenal was on top of the league with him, and after the injury it was like a shock having not won many matches in a row. If I recall right he was voted for Arsenal`s player of the month a month or so before he hot injured, and I doubt that he did fully adapt to EPL.

  5. horrific. full marks to the arsenal players for playing on and not losing their heads because i know that if that was me seeing my team-mate being injured like that, i would want revenge.

  6. im a tottenham fan and i wouldn’t make fun of this, he was never the same after this injury.

  7. @MickeyBlueEyes1966 : i aint desperate for ur stinkin a*$#……and i aint got nothin to cry about….so stfu….

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