25 thoughts on “arsenal 49 unbeaten record (pt1)

  1. iam a hardcore liverpool fan.. but i always have loved Arsenal to.. the thierry henry days.. men that was special.. there is no hope for liverpool this season or the next one but I really hope you guys win the le!. .fuck united goo Arsenal And Liverpool!!.. .Arsenal for the title!

  2. @L3W15AFC wow about that pires dive against portsmouth to win a pen that salvaged a draw?


  3. @ostime14 and do you man utd will beat tottenham next weekend in the league at white hart lane

  4. @ostime14 so if i went to north london and said tottenham fucking suck to the arsenal would they beat me up

  5. @TheConker777 lol of course i agree with you, i am an arsenal fan, i hate the spurs scum with a passion! the cunts think they are so good, stupid wankers, they are the shittest club in history of football

  6. @ostime14 well i hope you guys will win the carling cup and come 2nds and in 1st plance man utd come you red devils and tottenham fucking suck arsenal are the best football and the only north london club i don’t care what tottenham fans say and if i was not a man utd fan i would supports arseanl do you agree with me that tottenham suck

  7. @TheConker777 no way, we will give barca a very difficult game, it will be close, but they will win in the end :/

  8. @ostime14 ok we will wait and see about man utd unbeaten run of this and last time man utd lost was to chelsea was back in aprill last season snice then we have not lost in the league and do you think that messi will score 4 goals agian

  9. @TheConker777 after drawing against those cunts city, they didnt try to score, they spend all that money on players and they say they wanna win EPL and they play like that against title contender, they are a disgrace to the beautiful game, anyway gettin back to the point after drawing i dont think we will win, i hope we will but its probs gonna be man u, though u wont become invincibles, that title belongs to US, no one will ever do what we did, we will win carling cup, and sadly lose to barca

  10. @ostime14 ok then i say arsenal will finsh 2nd and win the carling cup and will probly lose to fc barcelona sorry and man utd will become invincibles 2 beacuse i am a man utd fan sorry

  11. @ostime14 why does the carling cyp don’t count when liverpool won it back 83 84 there won thw treble and it conut

  12. @TheConker777 i agree :/
    but i think we have a bright future, we look good now and i am confident that we will win something this season (fuck the carling cup, that don’t count)

  13. @FinalAuron1

    lol mate, henry’s faster than walcott in his prime. same leg speeds, but more length

    i think nasri’s pretty world class considering his recent form but pires’ consistent genius will be hard to reproduce..

    plus invincible arsenal has one thing most teams don’t and that’s the incredible trust they have for each other, they played like brothers.. unbelievable teamwork and understanding

  14. damn when u really look at every league now a lot of players came from arsenal and blew up into stars

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