Arsene Wenger isnt Pressurised by Big Occasion

Arsene Wenger says the big occasions don’t fluster him.

The Frenchman and his boys are totally ready for the pre quarter final tie versus AS Monaco.

The Gunners, because of their recent good performances, are going to start the favourites there in that tie.

The first leg of the tie will be played at the Emirates Stadium this Wednesday, while, the return leg will take place three weeks later at Stade Louis II.

Most of the managers actually don’t like this favourite tag. They prefer slipping under the radar. But, Wenger doesn’t seem to have any problem with it. He doesn’t mind pressure.

Wenger reckons that without pressure, you might not push yourself to the limits, but, when expectations are high, you tend to play out of your skins.

Yesterday, Wenger was quoted as saying, “I personally believe that there must be a bit of pressure on you when you walk out there as it makes you bring out your A game. When there is no pressure, it is not a very good situation to be honest.”

When asked about Dimitar Berbatov, who had been in England for a very long time, but, is now playing for Monaco, Wenger said, “Dimitar is close to his mid thirties now, but, you see he is in Ligue 1 and that tells you something about his quality. His technique has made him survive for this long at the top level.”

“He’s obviously not the same player that he was probably a decade back, but, the experience that he has gained over the years; he uses that to great effect and does a job for his team.”

Berbatov, the ex Bulgaria International, featured for three clubs while being in England, but, Arsenal was not one of them.