Arsene Wenger – 13 years as Arsenal manager 2009

There’s only one Arsene Wenger! The milestone has been reached – he gets to be the longest-serving Arsenal supervisor. The guy who made soccer – lovely sport. Arshavin Fabregas Henry futball super funny target champions league
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25 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger – 13 years as Arsenal manager 2009

  1. He will never get the true credit he deserves because of some people diluted perception of the size of Arsenal. We simply were not as big as the Manchester United, Real Madrids, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, etc who have had massive stadiums for years and deep european success and we sure don’t have the funds available like Man city and Chelsea. The fact is Wenger is the man that is building this club towards that level. We simply would not have been able to do it without him.

  2. I love the man’s vision. I love Arsenal because of what he did ( and players like Bergkamp of course ). The football, giving young talents a chance, I love it.

    I just really, really hope our defense will get better. Than I’m sure we can win plenty of silverware.

    Arsenal till I die.

  3. What an amazing interview. This man is passionate, inspiring, and brilliant. I hate it when shallow Arsenal fans bray for him to be sacked. For all the frustrations we feel when Arsenal fail, there is no comparison to how this man must feel. He is easily Arsenal’s biggest fan.

  4. @dahsif i suppose he’s not going to stand there infront of the reporter and say “YES I SAW IT, IT WAS AWFUL. IM SO DISAPPOINTED”. he wants to protect the players

    Are you mental? We are in the Carling Cup semi finals and will win it! (Only good team)

    Happy now?

  6. Now I understand why he says :” I DIDN’T SEE ZAT I HAV TO LOOK AT ZE REPLAY”
    One Arsene Wenger.

  7. wenger has been at this club for so long, has done so much for the club, i wouldnt know what to do when he leaves.

  8. This man has transformed Arsenal virtually on his own, Would love to get inside this mans brain, Genius!

  9. good manager…….really like him
    this season will be Arsenal
    from Malaysia……AFC.

  10. lol wenger is soo funny joking about his past when he used to say i didnt see it

  11. @ arsenallakers….have some more respect for arsene fagget!..if arsene is a bad coach, then why the fuck did real madrid offer him a 60 mill contract to coach them in 2008.. and arsene denied their offers 3 fucking times!!!….arsene is the best of the best…better than any coach in spain

    49games unbeaten? u remember?
    Look what he has made with Arsenal since he start. Thats great!
    But what he needs is definitly a international trophy:)

  13. Vieira – Captain – Left
    Henry – Captain – Left
    Gallas – Captain – Left
    Fabregas – Captain – Going to leave

    Man, the fact told everyone if Wenger is the best manager and still confidence with this shit guy, no good player willing to leave him and chase champion dream in another team.

  14. @ARSENALLAKERS man you are another football hater that just care about the results and not how the team plays, these last years the problems has been the players, i mean new talent Arshavin is very inconsistent and thats a big problem, but really he plays offencive football with a limited in resources team, and SAF with 24 years in man unt, play defencive and boring and have only won 2 champions league, give me a brake thats tottally lame. and both have been really bad.people pay o see realfootb

  15. @tokyopp
    best man ager on earth!! playing beautifull football — 5 Years nothing WIN is best manager in the world? LOL.

    trying to win at same time —– everyone try to win, but the fact is he tried but lost in recent years.

    Arsene Wegner Legend —– The Loser Legend Icon.

  16. best manager on earth!! playing beautifull football, and trying to win at same time, not everything is about trophies,Arsene Wegner Legend.

  17. @nguyenlinhkt49 Arsene Wenger said the finance is his only excuse now, that can cover his bad work failed to win any title in the past five years, he thanks god still give him face to keep on leading Arsenal without disgrace…

  18. have any fans living in London?
    I want to ask about the current situation of the team. I live in VietNam, really difficult to get accurate information. What I care most about is the financial capacity of the club

  19. what did he say? Who can tell me? I do not really understand what he said.
    His pronunciation was very difficult listening, pronunciation of French.

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