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  1. I loved watching the Gunners that season, they deserved to win the treble and go down as one of the greatest teams in history. They were 10x more entertaining to watch than todays Barcelona team. This is coming from a United fan by the way. Only thing I didn’t like about them was the way they treated Van Nistelrooy after he missed the penalty.

  2. @robbietk94 dont count out chelsea or man city…. i support fulham & bolton since im american (Holden -Dempsey) but id have to agree with you just by judging the teams on the field with the naked eye, Arsenal and Man United are the best teams this year…. goodluck to arsenal, its getting old just Man U and Chelsea winning it every year

  3. I hope Arsenal beat United in April if they’re still unbeaten, it would cause them to implode in the league and probably hand Arsenal the title if it stays as it is.

  4. @adub4ever Henry was the best finisher and striker in the world, Ljungberg was one of the most underrated attacking midfield players in the world, Cashley was the best left back in the world, Toure could run and Campbell was England’s best centre-half. Then you had others like Lehmann and Gilberto that could do the job, and the skill of Bergkamp and Pires, the physical presence of Vieira. They may have got lucky that Chelsea had not gelled quick enough and United were re-building.

  5. @tombonist7 thanks for the info, i just know found out how dominant Arsenal was at the begining of the 2000’s its pretty crazy considering Chelsea and Man U seem all but unstoppable

  6. @adub4ever they had amazing team chemistry. and with vieira, henry, campbell, pires, bergkamp, lehman…..how can you not go undefeated? that team was brilliant and they played like it. they got things done lol.

    the current arsenal is missing strength in the midfield and the ability to win when they need to. no teams in the premier league at the moment have the teamwork, chemistry and talent that the invincibles had in my opinion.

  7. yank here…. how does this team go undefeated??? Toure? Cole? Campbell? Ljunberg? Henry?….. no offense to arsenal but i think the team they have now is better than this one? again how did this team go undefeated? seems like all the top 4 have better teams now

  8. @keef111 I never minded Arsenal since I began watching football as a child. Thats a personal thing its got nothing to do with Abramovich or anyone. And I’ve always hated Manchester United and Liverpool. Again personal choice. Just because someone supports Chelsea doesn’t mean they have to dislike Arsenal.

  9. @keef111 I never minded Arsenal since I began watching football as a child. Thats a personal thing its got nothing to do with Abramovich or anyone. What is wrong with u.

  10. @88Kobe88 You mean for the past 5-6 years?? Don’t use “ALWAYS” ,or you support chelsea since RA…

  11. I dont see the physical presence,grit and the sheer determination to win dat players like viera, gilberto,petit,tony adams,keown brought to the team in the present arsenal squad.but technically the present squad is as good as the invincibles

  12. I’m a Chelsea fan. Never minded Arsenal. My rivals have always been Man U n Liverpool. Arsenal killed it. If we don’t win the EPL I hope its dem.

  13. i don’t think we ever have or ever will have a better team than that…. amazing.

  14. they still have the physical quality right now but not the mental quality was which the invincibles had

  15. dude this is one of the best football videos ive ever saw ,
    and dude im a chelsea fac

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