Arsenal v Newcastle – FA Cup Final (1998) – Live Footage

An additional traditional sport, this time a bit later on than my earlier uploads. This was the FA Cup Last of 1998 at the Old Wembley Stadium. This was the yr we won the double underneath Wenger for the first time, and he has only been at Arsenal for a couple of years. The sport ended two- to the Gunners, Wrighty was on the bench, nevertheless was in no way substituted on 🙁 Enjoy!
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25 thoughts on “Arsenal v Newcastle – FA Cup Final (1998) – Live Footage

  1. If that Shearer challenge on Adams was today, the player would be rolling around in agony trying to get the other player sent off. This was when footballers were still men.

  2. they should have played Ian Wright instead of Wreh, imagine if Wrighty scored at Wembley in his final game for the club!..It could have been so special

  3. If only dabizas knew that he would be gettn raped by dennis a few years later for one of the best goals of all time lol!!

  4. this isnt live footage though surely? this is from arsenal tv and judging by the arsenal crest this is a replay from the last 6/7 years and im guessing this commentary was added then

  5. Well noticed…that is bizarre!!!
    Maybe the players know that one day he’d join Chelsea!!

  6. i made it , to me despite the defeat my childhood dream came about, fa cup final at Wembley, an my own team,, yes we got beat but to me it was all about the experience the fulfilment of that dream, the weather was blue skys hot for a northerner mind you could let us score an seen a goal u tight er’s

  7. fa cup final wembley
    1998-arsenal 2-newcastle 0
    1999-man u 2-newcastle 0-
    2000 semi chelsea 2-newcastle 1 lmao

  8. Remember it like it was yday… Petit run right up to me celebrating with the cup… Up the Arsenal!!!

  9. I hate the football these days when all that matters is money… no glory and no feel anymore. Many play for the money, not because they love it and feel that It’s fun to do. Nowadays football is their job not their entertainment. Leading to an extremely boring football… I miss the football a couple of years ago. It’s nothing wrong with the sport. But It’s the stupid managers that are so greedy…..

  10. Anelka was barely born 27 years ago stupid… many of these players didn’t play professional football 27 years ago. None did XD

  11. as a seven year old newcastle fan i torn apart watching this haha, just wanted big al to get some silver wear. oh well, classic game!

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