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  1. @HrvatskiDomoljub41 Love sent from macedonia 😀 well i was orthadox but i
    kinda started loosing faith. but anyway i dont mind if ur cathoic. there
    will be difference obviously between countries, but that doesnt matter.
    aslong as they are respectfull, kind and understanding thats all that
    matters. So love sent from Macedonia and the UK (were i live currently)
    Long live Crotia. And long live Truthfull people like u.

  2. GO GUNNERS!!! It’s TROPHY-HUNTING TIME for Arsene Wenger and the boys who
    make Emirates their home turf, this could be the year Arsenal take the
    Champions League title, and there’s absolutely NOTHING Man U or Chelsea can
    do about it!!! The so-called “Curse of Emirates” that I have constantly
    heard about will finally be exorcised this season, we have our eyes set on
    taking at least one trophy (and hopefully even a double or a treble this
    year) this season.

  3. @scooterlegend65 You think he is the best and you can’t write down his
    name?:D:DGo Gunners

  4. @HrvatskiDomoljub41 Anyway the fact ur country may have supported Nazi’s is
    no reason for u to be judged. I can understand the circumstances. Better to
    live than die. and its the past. Similar problem when serbia, bulgaria and
    greece all took a part of macedonia. they were forced to say that they are
    something they are not. denying who they are. and this issue continues. a
    bulgarian came to me and said he was macedonian but if he reinstated his
    culture the government would take his property.

  5. @HrvatskiDomoljub41 half of macedonia supported hitler and half were
    against :S. So again i will say long live Crotia and long live u. for
    people calling u ‘croat nazi’s’ ur not to to be judged for something that
    happend in the past and u had nothing to do with.

  6. If You Like Chelsea Why You Click On Arsenal Forever Song? If You Like
    Manchester UnitedOr City? Why You Click On Arsenal Forever Song? If You
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    Arsenal Like My Comment Beacuse They Got The Proest Football Talents
    ,Manager,Wenger So If You Love Chamberain,Henry,Van Persie,Sagna,Wenger,And
    All The Other Players Then You Dont Dislike Me But Like Me This Is A
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  7. Stfu everybody Chelsea owns ur asses and watch out man u they are gonna

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