25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Mesut Ozil is World Class say Fans At The Emirates – ArsenalFanTV.com

  1. What is this guy on about Ozil was never a galactico the new galaticos are
    Kaka, Ronaldo, Bale, and rodiguruez! Ozil doe snot have the star power or
    goal scoring ability to be up there with them sorry!

  2. Fans Talk To #AFTV After #Ozil Signing At #Emirate #Signing #Arsenal #Ozil11
    #Goonerfamily #COYG #afc

  3. Messi wears number #10 but doesn’t play in the number #10 role u muppet.
    Ozil is definitely the best number 10

  4. Well said fella we need to get the Prem playing football again with such
    quality imports to contribute, big fan of Ranieri’s Chelsea

  5. The racist prick has a natural talent for useless information and can’t
    even spell the word ‘surrounded’, which are signs of a uneducated deluded
    twat! Dig yourself a hole and sleep in it you dumbass punk!!!!

  6. Gooners gonna dominate for decades they’re the greatest team known to
    mankind best of luck my Brothas keep on supporting the greatest team ever
    the gooners need your vocal support at the emirates n on road the gooners
    need titi henry sol campbell vieira ian wright wright kevin campbell n
    other Brothas as Arsenal Coaches ozil will be a leg hope that frimpong
    zelalem serge gnarby n chuba akpom get game time for the mighty gooners

  7. I fucking love the huge grins on there faces at the start of the interview.
    Grinning as if there parents just told them they were taking them to
    Disneyland for a weekend. COYG

  8. Its been long, hard 8 years the Arsenal are going be top domestic, European
    force again! Top 3 his season within 18 months we’ll be true contenders,
    we’re stronger than UTD now, Kermit’s seen to that, advantage over others
    with managerial changes! If only Gazadis had more savvy in transfers, we’d
    have the depth needed, Higuin should been done deal, why didn’t he go in
    Barry, Remy, Wanyama! Dean would done the business, guarantee RVP will
    regret going to Manks

  9. Ozil is playing in the hardest league in the world, every person in Europe
    agrees that the premier league is the hardest league to score in. Honestly
    Bundesliga is a really easy league to win, they only have one super team
    and thats Bayern. Premier League has 5. Just so you know Borrusia Dortmund
    isn’t a super team.

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