25 thoughts on “Arsenal FC – Let it Go

  1. Amazing where do you get your clips from? i also just made an video feel free to check it out

  2. @RVPSSARS9 And did you use Martin’s goal from my video?because it seems like you did.
    You did a good job though, even if you didn’t 🙂

  3. I will always love Arsenal <3 no matter how they play they still the best football club ever. This songs really match up well with the videos you made. Anddd yeah this gave me goosebumps too. Really a powerful video. You should do more !

  4. @RVPSSARS9 I didn’t even realize you gave him credit…don’t see why there should be any problem now :S

  5. I must refresh your channel 3 times everyday for a new Arsenal video and then this just popped up once again I love it quite sad to watch but 2011/12 something will be comeing home AFC <3

  6. @RVPSSARS9 Está bien, perdón si reaccioné mal yo también. Borrá mi comentario si querés, no es muy agradable y no quiero que opaque el esfuerzo tuyo al hacer este video.
    Arsenal! 😀

  7. @JuanIDK perdon men… pero tenia este video planeado hace tiempo y alguien ayer me robo la idea a si que decidi hacerlo rapido, me encanto tu video y crei poder usar algunas partes, no lo use todo tampoco, te dare creditos en la descripcion y perdon si te molesto 🙂

  8. @RVPSSARS9 If you did use some of the same clips @JuanIDK used, I don’t have any problem; they’re there to be used. But don’t copy the effects that he used before you, too many Arsenal videos look the same these days anyways 🙁

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