23 thoughts on “Forever Forward

  1. @ozzied213 Found it! It’s on arsenal.com’s official online store. Youtube won’t let me post urls or links, but just go to the official site, click online shopping and then Nike Training > Nike Jackets. The bad news is that it’s £350.00 and currently out of stock…

  2. i remember those JVC shirts!!! i had one when i was young, back when berkamp and overmars rocked the pitch!!, i miss the old days…

  3. Stop masking the problems and spend some money. Bring four or five players of experience to this squad or well fall of the top 4 next season. one defender and two midfielders and if bednter goes a central attacker. Players who are not ten years of age but actually have some first team experience under their belt.

  4. “Football is difficult enough if you are united. If you are not united, you have no chance.” – Arsene Wenger.

    Disrespecting Wenger means you’re disrespecting the whole club. You can’t be a Gooner and only love the players. If you can’t have faith in someone who’s been a wonderful asset to the club and a loyal, determined boss, you can’t have faith in Arsenal at all.

    Listen to Heath and believe in Wenger.

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