17 thoughts on “Arsenal 2003-2004 Season review pt.7

  1. @haider1792 Lol, Lying through his teeth. Every single word in that speech is a lie.

  2. Edu……Wow …He was one of my favorite player…Do u know where he at? I like watching watching again and again that season..hop full we will repite it this season

  3. Reyes your right a liar you remerber when he posed in that mardid shirt before champions league second round in 06. He started so well never the same after the game at old trafford. As for bentley enough been said but he aint no beckham

  4. Aye…he scored ALOT of important goals and I always felt like we won or played well when he was in the team.

  5. Wenger missed the most crucial part when scouting Reyes. Very skilled footballer, he got that right, but mental capability wasn’t scouted at all.

  6. “I love England, I love English football”

    Learn the fucking language then you prick 😉

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