25 thoughts on “Arsenal 2003-2004 Season review pt.12

  1. What a shame we got knocked out of the Champions League by Chel$ki. It was ours for the taking if we’c beaten them. Monaco in the semi-final and Porto in the final. Oh well 🙁

  2. @nguyenimproved really?? ohh sorry. when you wrote arse(nal) hole, i got confused. must be this cider im drinking.

  3. @nguyenimproved hey buddy, try and think about how pathetic you sound when you look up Arsenal videos as specific as this just to slag them off. if your up to part 12, i dare say you have been enjoying watching every last bit of this documentary.

  4. @nguyenimproved
    Arshavin did well tonight, didn’t he?
    Come back when you get a clue.
    Ever been to the new stadium let alone Highbury?
    Thank you, come again!

  5. @selfatrophy fuck you arse(nal) hole. we’ve been doing well with no transfers of note apart from arshavin. finances are in order, team is young and we’re sitting on top of the ladder. no thanks to arsehole supporters like yourself.

  6. Manchester united fan here, it’s hard for to admit but i will say that this team is the best the premiership as ever seen, ahead of united’s 93/94 and 98/99 teams and chelsea’s 04-05 ream

  7. if arsenal won da champions league 2 tht would have been unbelievable nd who won champions league 2003/04???

  8. @qwerty09121209 Can you make some change on Part 5 and change name for it? Try again see what happens. Anyway, thanks for your effort.

  9. watchin this whole series was just like living in a fairy tale…..never wanted it to end…simply MAGICAL…

  10. The present lot is an embarrassment compared to this team.
    Total determination, skill and the right mix of youth and experience in 2003-4.

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