25 Comments on Arsenal vs Birmingham Carling cup final 2011

  1. joezzzify says:

    @burthope villa is for dickheads and chavs.

  2. joezzzify says:

    @thedoc241000 Stupid cunt

  3. smudgersotv says:


  4. amstrad52 says:

    @burthope not too bitter then mate, sotv kro

  5. amstrad52 says:

    great post come on you blue boys, sotv kro.

  6. johnykoop says:

    quote of the match was Lawro after about half an hour: “Oh the arsenal fans ARE here”

    (summing up the tragic support synonymous with the gooners)

  7. tandcoo1 says:

    what’s the song during the walk up the steps cant find an answer anywhere

  8. digitaldred says:

    lol nice one

  9. digitaldred says:

    proper cup final shit on the villa, fa cup next haha

  10. digitaldred says:

    knew we was gonna win keep right on bcfc

  11. lotharrio247 says:

    Pity “Pampa’s” the baby nappy manufacturers, can’t run a special cup competition for “Gobby the Gob-Shyte Villa supporters”. They like being in a contest where there’s no opposition.
    Well done Blues, written off by most soccer pundits, you faced death by humiliation, over came Premier League & FA refereeing insider dealing. This needs sorting out, so lesser clubs have a chance. If your gon’na win a cup, either beat your gobby neighbours in a final or do it at Wmbley, we done both.

  12. moveyabodysquadpromo says:

    Can’t believe these are in the europa league for next season.. be a waste of a european place for english football if these goons get knocked out of the qualifiers by FC Ventspils of latvia!!! haha

  13. marcosrota4 says:

    Parabens !!!

  14. Crunchie5566 says:

    @burthope jelly? ;D

  15. Crunchie5566 says:

    @neeshx happened once, it’s enough for the most dedicated fans :]
    they srsly deserved it xD

  16. MrWorcesterblue says:

    “While we were at Wembley the Ciy was yours” Were back now so roll your necks in Vile the true team of the city brings pride back to the city. What a day well done Blues “weve never won fuck all”

  17. thedoc241000 says:

    Well done Blosers – you deserved it. A great win against one of the most delusional, self-righteous and unjustifiably arrogant clubs in England. What a wretched club Arsenal are and how foolish they were to write you guys off. Smashing stuff.

    Up The Villa!

  18. neeshx says:

    lol at how the birmingham fans are getting so big-headed.
    it’s never going to happen again.

  19. MrMansingh says:

    thanks 3 uploading man

  20. burthope says:

    shit on the city up the villa dirty blues sluts cunts up the villa were pride of birmingham sotc

  21. MrTtotheC says:

    Glad even arsenal fans aren’t too bitter, i think on this occasion the better side won. And we earned it, with the luck at the end. Clear pen onside and red card at the start.


  22. inky1006 says:

    Congrats Birmingham

  23. RepublikaSrpska123 says:

    EAT SHIT ARSENAL!!!..Well done Birmingham u deserved it


  24. MarsMuseMan says:

    It wasn’t well deserved, it was dumb luck.

    I am a big arsenal supporter and im total shattered…. But i must admit its good seeing someone like birmingham win something. Pitty they had to beat us to do it.

  25. kidscancerfundraiser says:

    best day of my life and i was there with my brother
    great day amazing atmosphere and very well deserved