25 thoughts on “Reading v Arsenal spurs fan at station

  1. arsenal fans = snobby rich filthy cunts! go and sit in yer big stadium and yer comfy seats ya morons! u’s arent even real football fans! u’s nick other fans songs!

  2. Hahah, Fair play to the geezar, stood on his own with all the scum around him and he’s still standing there!

  3. Take it this is the dungeon all you 50 fans are stuck under, because i have never heard Arsenal fans sing in the emirates in my life!!

  4. great bit of banter shame abwt that dirty paki getting hard he would got his banged by the big blakc guy

  5. @ItsKevinZak The “He hasn’t got any credit” was sung becaus the sp*rs fan was on his phone the whole time

  6. LOL pussy’s i think it was a Arsenal fan by Tottenham he was smacked!


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