25 Comments on Arsenal F.C. | Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey | Passes, Skills, Tackles

  1. Vaughn Pedler says:

    That goal at @3:05 from POLDI 😀 

  2. psc4lp says:

    good keep making them

  3. HK goals says:

    where did you get your sony vegas from give me a link to download it from

  4. N Mbava says:

    I miss Jack 🙁 The one with touches and dynamic bursts from deep on the
    counter. I feel as if some now the injury has stalled his progression
    because watching these highlights, you have to admit he amazing last
    season. Hope you come back to form Jack xoxo

  5. Maciej Szymanski says:

    Song Name ?

  6. Joel Alvarez says:

    I know its Viva la Vida by cold play who made this remix?

  7. Aktver OO says:

    Sony Vegas 🙂

  8. Aktver OO says:

    viva la vida – coldplay

  9. Aktver OO says:

    da lel

  10. thecesarfabregas says:

    Once we have Jack fully fit, we are gonna boss every game with Aaron,Jack &
    Flamini in midfield and Ozil & Santion the wings!!

  11. Sterling Hancock says:

    nice work

  12. Fotis Papoutes says:

    Very good video Aktver OO kepp up the good work

  13. TheKaCorp says:

    Brilliant. The future of Arsenal

  14. Aktver OO says:

    He is in form! 🙂

  15. Ali B says:

    Love it. Ramsey is back and one can hope Wilshere will get back up to speed

  16. Thomas Vee says:

    Wilshere needs to be put back in the Middle best player we have!

  17. Dean-Emmanuelly Kamna says:

    Imagine what it would look like if you do a video like this at the end of
    this season, or even up until now (especially after Norwich yesterday) 😀

  18. Joel Alvarez says:

    Song Name?

  19. 7iNM says:

    Ala su majstori lel

  20. Nguyễn Dũng says:

    viva la vida – coldplay

  21. Maciej Szymanski says:

    name song ?

  22. Aktver OO says:

    Thanks 🙂

  23. hatchoo says:


  24. CaptainAmazeballs says:

    Love this song.

  25. Bansho d says:

    We need to get pogba then we’ll have the best midfield in the next 10
    years(pogba-wilshere-ramsey+ozil).They’ll be our legends just like lampard
    gerrard or giggs.