Tribute to Liam Brady

I felt the legendary Arsenal and Ireland midfielder Liam Brady deserved to have a tribute video so I took the liberty of producing 1. Footage of him was hard to come by so I had to do the greatest I could with what I could find. Wish it proves fulfilling. Liam Brady played for Arsenal, Juventus, Sampdoria, Inter Milan, Ascoli and West Ham in the program of his career. He also won 72 caps for Ireland. His honours consist of two Serie A titles with Juventus and an FA Cup winner’s medal with Arsenal. He was named PFA Player of the year in 1979 and was Arsenal’s Player of the Yr on three events. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2006. At present he is Arsenal’s head of Youth Advancement and the Assistant Supervisor to Giovanni Trapattoni for the Irish team.
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31 thoughts on “Tribute to Liam Brady

  1. Related to the man, but never actually met him although I’ve been back to Ireland plenty of times. Too bad not more of his supreme skill’s rubbed off on me! 🙂

  2. nice posting and collection, i remember the 1979 fa cup final vividly – and becoz of his brilliance i became a gunner fan. thanks.

  3. Thank you for this tribute. Brady is my favourite Gunner of all times. I remember when he first started and how easily he dribbled past players almost in slow motion and his passes were so accurately placed and timed. The young gunners don’t realise how lucky they are to have him.

  4. No offence Arsenal fans but that goal return is actually quite poor over a career for someone so (allegedly) gifted. Small wonder you had to plunder Africa and Holland and France and Spain to get a team that was half decent. With a frog coach and an Arab Emirates stadium. I’ll see your Brady and raise you a Hoddle 🙂

  5. @mattysavage what has liam brady got to do with the greatest british players..seen as he aint british

  6. it’s incredible , you don’t remember that Brady in Italy also played for SAMPDORIA with Trevor Francis , Mancini, Vialli and for INTER F.C. with Rumenigge Altobelli etc. etc. and he won many different cups……

  7. Liam Brady was the greatest player I ever saw in my life week in week out on the north bank. In fact he was so good I named my dog after him

  8. i hope little jack wilshere is half the talent as brady is if thats the case then weve got outselves a gem! love u liam ur always a legend to the gunners!

  9. @mericolosa if you hate them so much why do you watch them on rte and then go looking for them on youtube?? think about it thats a bit fucked up!!!

  10. @ellegreeko he has his opinions i have mine!!he speaks on rte ,i write on you tube!!!that s it

  11. @mericolosa every video i go on there u are talking shit!!! u dont have a clue, liam brady is a legend at arsenal!!!! what is it with u and rte commentary?? did eamon dunphy call ur ma a slag????

  12. @mericolosa You undestand football as I undestand your soup and potato!!!!!!!

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