25 thoughts on “This is my Religion; Arsenal Football Club.

  1. 4…..3…….2…….1

    Do it for Pilks.

    Don’t cry rent-boy, there’s always next year…..

    If that’s your religion …. you should try atheism or judaism.. I hear they have a good team in North London

  2. Now then wrestling-rent-boy, another competition exited….
    I had to laugh at all your cretinous fans who wasted money for the abject performance the other night.. I went to watch Huddersfield TOWN win on Tuesday night and laughed when I saw you were losing (AGAIN).
    Four trophies….. three trophies…… two trophies….. can you see the pattern?

    How did the big club in North London (Spurs) get on in Europe?

    Will you go to watch their open top bus ride?


  3. Another fantastic performance…Don’t worry i’m sure you’ll beat Barca at the camp nou….lol

    Up the Town!

  4. Now then Shades4NoReason, how did you get on against Birmingham United or whatever?

    Another MASSIVE gap on your comedy trophy list.




  5. He is right about 1 thing – clattenburg was absolutely shite. The tosser always favours the bigger teams and just handed the cheating twats the win in the last few mins.

  6. ‘who the fuck are huddersfield town or united or some shit’, wtf??? who the fuck are you? you ignorant bigoted piece of shit.

  7. Just in case you haven’t got ESPN in your North London slum, your team has just been made to look like the under achievers that they are……. By the way, the Orient player who scored – his first club in England….. HUDDERSFIELD TOWN. Like the rest of the country he hates people like YOU.. Now take your shades and JOG ON. Looking forward to your clip about the Orient replay…..

  8. you did a good job getting rise out of people on here lol..that aside this video is very well done.. congrats on your 1,200 views and 95 comments brotha

  9. @Herbertisatownfan He’s probably away either glory supporting another team whos had two wins on the bounce or he’s glued to the telly, shades off, with a box of kleenex watching WWF. Probably both.

  10. It’s all gone quiet on here, the silence is deafening, similar to that in the Arsenal Trophy cabinet….

  11. Well what do you know, cheating again, players getting sent off a bit of a pattern emerging me thinks.
    4 nil up and you fucked it up.
    What goes around comes around and great to see that tosspot wenger nearly crying when the penaly was awarded. Priceless.

  12. Good evening Mr Shades4noreason, how did the referee get on in your game today…? 4 goals, same as us. 1 point, exactly one third of our return. That gap in trophies is getting wider and wider…. Apologies for the language used by my northern brethren. You seem like a decent guy, apart from you attitude, appearance and language.

  13. fucking tourist, get yourself up north lets see how cocky you are you plastic twat giving proper arsenal fans a bad name. your face was a fucking picture when ya thought Huddersfield ‘united’ had got a pen ha ha prick. HTAFC TILL I DIE. P.s Elton John wants his hat back!

  14. @cheesyhtfc He’d never watch Arsenal if they dropped out the top 6, fucking tourist.
    Besides there,s a mate of a Town fan who sits in the exact spot where this cretin videod his childish spazzy rant from and he’s never seen the stupid fucking spunk bubble before. Typical premiership glory hunter. I’d rather watch town on a wet Tuesday night against a league 1 or 2 team, which I regularly do, than associate myself with arseholes like this.

  15. @sg811 I have seen it and surprised with some of the actions some of these hudderfields fans have done? You think dropping docs is good thing?

  16. You just need a bit of respect full stop, I don’t care if you don’t know about our history because that’s irrelevent, but not even knowing the name of the team that you’re playing? That’s disgraceful. When we played Dover do you think we gave it the big I am because they’re a smaller team? Of course not. We respect the fact that they support their team regardless of how good they are. Would you still support in League 2, getting beat 4-0 on a miserable Tuesday night at Macclesfield?

  17. @TheZamario Anyway your racism aside. Take your sorry WWF arse down to the Down At The Mac forum, under Talk of the Town – arsenal gobshite. Your now a celebrity and there’s even arsenal fans on there who are disgusted with you. You can find it at w w w . downatthemac . proboards . com

  18. @sg811 Those Jewish cunts being the Yid Army, being Spurs. By the way, the person I was with was Jewish.

  19. @TheZamario No you didn’t say it on the video, you wrote it 2 days ago in a previous post and I quote “you think I would show any of respect towards them Jewish cunts”.

  20. @sg811 I am not showing double standards, spurs calls themselves the Yids, I am trying to make you understand that. Secondly, watching the video again, I never call anyone a Jewish cunt. Ofcourse racism is bad, but this is football banter between rival fans. Even spurs fans know I am not being racist.

  21. @sg811 So you take the high ground on racism but end your rant by being racist, you wonder why I call you a stupid twat?

    Did you know the nick names for Spurs are The Yids or Yid Army. Yid being a derogative term for Jew. Spurs fans call themselves Yids and Spurs fans are Arsenal local rivals. So Yids and local rival’s, the term Jewish Cunts fit perfectly. It differs from your statement about being called a Paki because there is no Paki team, also the word Jewish is non racist term but Paki is.

  22. I’m a stupid twat? Do ya’ wanna take a closer look at your video you fucking retard.
    Anyway the point was you called the Spurs fans “Jewish Cunts”. That refers to their religion and race, hence you being xenophobic (see I’m really clever now).
    How would you like it if someone, for example, called you a lowlife smelly Paki bastard. It wouldn’t be very nice now would it?
    I might not be the best of spellers but for the rest of my life when I look in the mirror, guess what. I won’t see a Paki.

  23. @sg811 You asked if I was Zenaphobic, the correct spelling is Xenophobic. Now we have established what a stupid twat you are I shall answer your question. I have been to 16 countries, love foreign food and mixing in with other cultures. So I am not Xenophobic, but I do hate religion, the root of all mother fucking evil.

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