25 thoughts on “Thierry Henry free kicks at Arsenal

  1. his free kicks are so chill, no running up from a gazilion miles away, the curve is jusst nice to beat the goal keeper

  2. henry’s technique is most unique compared to beckham, ronaldinho, or ronaldo … he just takes two steps n hit it .. awesome

  3. I just won`t forGeeT a LeGeenD Like him (L) 🙁 🙁 !! We love u Henryy <3 ArsenaaaL

  4. @DonLeoMarin Barca disrespects all players not out of their youth system … Eto’o , Ibrahimovic , Henry , Yaya Toure, Milito , even David Villa now , Pique , puyol , xavi, iniesta , bojan , pedro , messi , busquetes are given so much respect …thats why they are so hell bent on getting Fabregas as well…

  5. @parasprodigy . He left Arsenal because of problems with his wife and I think this mentally effected Henry from being assertive and in control like he was at Arsenal. Seriously Arsenal is his HEART and he would have NEVER left us if it wasn’t for his personal issues and this you can tell by the emotional interviews he gives when leaving. With all that said its amazing how he NEVER took a free kick at Barca which only leads me to belive he was NEVER respected by those fuck faces.

  6. I had no idea that he had scored this many goals at freekicks. i do remember that one against Newcastle, a really nice one and i remember how glad i was. I should watched arsenal earlier. Henry, what a legend!

  7. @fabianindahouse im not sure but that free kick he scored then why that celebration to the ref? i was only young then but did he score one before bt he had to retake it?

  8. @AsbjoernDJ yea pep and rijkard just managed to tarnish his perfection .. if he had played Cf all his while at barca he would’ve been a super duper hit there too.

  9. @torontofc7 srsly man … barca totally subdues henry .. and henry should’ve been more assertive .. a good free kick taker like him never took a single free kick in 3 yrs…plain wrong.. henry is at fault for letting others overpower him..look at cristiano ronaldo ..he claims his right ..also henry should’ve refused to play left winger .. and asked for a CF role..that too limited him ..overtime he adapted to a winger role..but henry is henry when he’s playing CF…

  10. @sariwangi56 face the truth nd stop fooling urself, ball is placed at the corners with curves the goalie coudn’t touch it even they’re ready

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