25 thoughts on “The Arsenal Way

  1. Viera Henry pires holy trinity
    Bergkamp Jesus greatest player
    Tony Adams king of Highbury
    Wengar God greatest manager

  2. Nah, not this year and not next year. I love Arsenal but you have to be realistic. Arsenal need more players like özil to make the difference.

  3. All i have to say is OZIL!! so FUCK OFF and watch the highlights for all the games like you’ve been doing your whole life. If you actually watch all the games you would know how well round the team is actually.

  4. dream on budy your here watching this video cause you know this team is special we will win titles this year

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  6. You Must never call yourself an Arsenal fan. There is no one that cares more about this club and believes in it than Arsene Wenger. In Arsene We Trust.

  7. Selling Song was not needed and complete stupidity on Wenger and Alex’s part. Even if he would be on the bench due to Arteta, god forbid we have any damn depth or a midfielder with height/strength. Plus why the fuck would you sell your player with those amount of vital assists? And Song was stupid for going to FCB because he should’ve known he’d be competing with one of the best DMs in football

  8. Your examples are my favorite teams and i enjoy every time watching them.Talking about strong DM i recall Song and forgive me but i feel satisfied that he and many more other who’s done same transfers despite being solid in the clubs that made them what they are…are sitting on the bench.Examples of Song-Nasri-Gibbs-Gotze-Alexis-Torres-Mascherano gives a taste of revenge to their previous fans for leaving their clubs.

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  10. I agree with you that the economics of players are ridiculous, but a manager like Wenger should know that you don’t need to spend big to get top players in fact that was one thing the club use to excel in. Klopp’s BVB and to a lesser extent Juve and Swansea are good examples of this. Forget defenders, Kos and Mert while rusty at times get the job done, what we need is a big strong DM

  11. I think that he’s ego on economics wouldn’t allow him to buy expensive players..he knows that the market has gone over the roof and he’s unwilling to play that game.Look at Bale…are you serious…100m?!?Who the hell they think he is?Jesus Navas 30m?The boy has mental born issues and you’re paying 30m?Fernando 30m?Soldado 30m?Unproven players to the hardest league in the world.
    The only thing i don’t get is why AW doesn’t get a decent defender?
    Would love to see the rise of Arsenal..
    ManU Fan

  12. Oh really? What good is it for him to lie to us? Does the money he does not spend on transfers go into his own pocket? We had debts , a stadium to pay for and everything. It ain’t that easy my man. Hate on him all you want , he loves Arsenal just as much as the fans do. Don’t say he does not care when you either don’t know half the story , or you’re in denial.

  13. I looked in the description but still can’t find the first soundtrack and by the first I mean this one 1:18 Some1 pls tell me !

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