Period Above FOR DJOUROU
Djourou – dislocated shoulder. Arsenal defender Johan Djourou will skip the rest of the period soon after struggling a dislocated shoulder in his side’s FA Cup quarter-ultimate defeat to Manchester United.

Mills convinced Reading can upset Cup opponents Guy Town
Arsenal Birmingham Town Manchester Metropolis Everton Reading through skipper Matt Mills is convinced of upsetting FA Cup opponents Manchester Metropolis . Mills say Studying can draw inspiration from Birmingham City ‘s Carling Cup victory about Arsenal . He said: “It really is a excellent tie for us and extremely fascinating. For players and enthusiasts it is heading to be a fantastic day. We are going up there with one particular point on our head and that is …

The ‘big man’ is back: Rooney buzzing more than believed of Valencia hyperlink
No prizes for guessing who was at the front of the line when the training ground sprints started out in the excellent Carrington sunshine yesterday early morning. It was Wayne Rooney, beaming at Nani, looking like a formidable force as he leapt into action above the cones. Rooney has a way of seeking a lot more diminutive when the world is weighing on his shoulders and standing taller than his 5ft 8in frame when …