Ryo Miyaichi (Arsenal, Feyenoord) First 4 Game Experiences in Eredivisie

A video clip Clip of Ryo Miyaichi who is 18 years aged. Ryo produced a contract with Arsenal this winter, but wasn’t ready to receive a doing work visa from Britain Embassy. As a result of the issues, Arsenal determined to transfer Ryo to Feyenoord for only this time. He has been paying a great time in Eredivisie.
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25 thoughts on “Ryo Miyaichi (Arsenal, Feyenoord) First 4 Game Experiences in Eredivisie

  1. Btw the match against ADO Den Haag(green yellow shirts) the direct opponent of Miyachi(the one who gave the “bodycheck” which should be red in my opinion) got played sick, well every defender he faced sofar. match last weekend was his worst tho, but his direct opponent played very well that day as did the team. but we still won with 0-1, was against Heerenveen

    So Ryo gotta prepare for all the sad losers wo will follow this crazy guy with his bodychecks, especially in england i suppose 😉

  2. @usopp13
    Feyenoord fan here: Well on loan… we are not paying anything for him. Any other club would have payed a lot for him but we could have him for free.
    Sofar he plays very good indeed. We are very pleased to have him. He stays very calm under all the media attention and his mind is only at football and winning. Sooo Thank You 🙂

  3. WoOoW… Another Gem from Prof. ARSENE WENGER to the World & specially to us ARSENAL fans.
    Can’t wait to see him wz our First Team next season!
    ===> GuNnEr fOr L!Fe <===

  4. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here as he’s only had 4 games as a professional footballer, but I am really excited about this kid playing for Arsenal!

  5. @FlygerianNigerian just saw him, I’m impressed really. What uncanny finishing he possesses. Japan’s golden generation is about emerging.

  6. @Mu8384 i wouldnt say hes selfish, it would actually be nice if some arsenal players did what he did and did some dribbling and not pass constantly….i mean i love that, and im an arsenal fan, but sometimes when we have pretty good chances, we keep passing to get a better 1, and the chance goes away

  7. 3:42 … thats a huge gesture from the fans..for a 18 y.o…on his 2nd or 3rd match for the club..this guy is seriously the REAL DEAL

  8. @donpoker24 my god…he got 3 dna from the best players?incredible ….ARSENAL !!!!!!!!

  9. @shanedavidtownsend i cant wait to see him play in the EPL premiership…..

  10. Arsenal fan here i believe this Ryo will be a future world player of the year 😀 . Every Arsenal fan wants to thank Feyenoord for taking the guy on loan and makin him better.

  11. he is better than i expected. very confident, good with the ball and very fast. a bit selfish tho, but that can change.

  12. Amazing video. There is something divine abt this player, though i’m MANUTD fan. Greetings from Republic of Kosova. BTW , can u tell me the name of the first and second song ?

  13. i’m a Tottenham fan. He’s playing well, he’s high on confidence and he’s potentially world class, but he’s only 18 and he’s only playing in the Eredivisie just wait and see him play in the premiership! 🙂

  14. @Harmollil his first touch sucks? thats just rediculous, his first touch excellent

    either a) you’re a bitter and sad fool or b) your iq is lower than the number miyaichi wears

  15. Runs like he is treading water, Defenders seem to be able to get the ball off he quite easily what is all the fuss about. Runs up blind alleys, never hits a player when he crosses at pace, his first touch sucks
    Out of a 14 minute youtube piece showing all his best bits he manages to pass to a teammate 7 times and the rest are over hit or he loses the ball, yeh great player…….not

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