Rooney & Ronaldo Goals vs Arsenal

Two amazing counter-attacking ambitions from Roo & Ron, strikingly related in tempo and execution. See them equally right here. Leading: Arsenal 1-3 Man Utd, Premier League (31/01/10) Bottom: Arsenal 1-three Guy Utd, Champions League Semifinal (05/05/09)
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14 thoughts on “Rooney & Ronaldo Goals vs Arsenal

  1. Park truly an unsung hero.
    First clip – Initiates counter attack, drags one defender toward him letting rooney sprint through the gap.
    Second clip – Initiates counter attack w/ Ronaldo + Perfect pass.

    That back heel w/ Ronaldo was nice. Ronaldo never really gel-ed with Park until the last 2 seasons.

  2. Yup. Park does everything perfectly here. His first touch on the ball was excellent, dragging it forward with pace and a perfect pass to Rooney.

  3. Wow, goals at the same timing…13 seconds from one end of the field to another, amazing Manchester United !

  4. I think we’re not giving enough credit to Park here. If you watch, you see how he distributes the ball at the beginning of the move leading up to the goal.

  5. @lobsterbisqueravioli Yeah, i am currently in the process of making a Manchester United “Team/ counter attack goals” video and these 2 goals + the bolton goal are a couple of many goals included:)

  6. @Nani17CR7 Right on. Not to mention Rooney vs Bolton in ’07, that was a cracker.

  7. Manchester United are easily the best counter attacking football team in the world, come on, rooneys goal vs west ham, arsenal, and ronaldo’s goal vs reading, arsenal and newcastle

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