25 thoughts on “Nike World Cup Soccer/Football 2010 Commercial (Full)

  1. @gallanonim1410 Technically he’s right…Who’s the team Ronaldo is playing against huh?
    Don’t be so quick to throw names when you can end up looking like the “Fucktard”.

  2. Hey, NIKE boys !! I switched from Adidas to NIKE, you know why? THEY ARE BETTER !! Click my name and see what I am talking about. NIKE should provide me with life long NEW SHOES…. (^_^)

  3. @RajelLizzardChoward yea haha i forgot that i did that, but is good that you watched the whole video 🙂

  4. Funny thing is that the ones that turned out good in this commercial had a bad WC or didn’t even go HAHA N the ones that were angry(Spain) won the WC LOL

    Walcott didn’t go
    Ronaldinho didn’t go

    Cannavaro sucked
    Rooney sucked
    Ribery sucked
    Ronaldo sucked


  5. Only players that have a contract with nike:
    -cristiano ronaldo
    just saying

  6. SHIT! like no lie, out of ALL the dam teams that made alot of pump up shit for it, didnt even pass the fukken 1st ROUND now thats funny . . . comeone now, they got BIG stars, and yet, cant even make chemestry to work as a team and pass onto higher rounds to prove to the world WHY their names are chanted over and over when they play… if their so good in regular footbal seasons, why cant they play like that or even BETTER in the world cup? truthfully, if that was me, id b like in waynes thought.

  7. You’d think Ronaldo would be able to play himself in the movie, he’s already proven he’s a great actor on the pitch.

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